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face tutorial

long awaited thig I guess... I know it's not perfect and maybe it's not exactly what you wanted to see, but I believe that the Internet is full of helpfull resources, here is my favourite: Arrow Bullet (Bright Purple) - F2U!… Arrow Bullet Left (Purple) - F2U!  you can find tones of great resources there c: also it's important to just observe yourself and people around, to notice how many different faces are aroud you!

honestly I don't really feel like I should tell you about anatomy and stuff because I draw quite instinctively without much thinking. It's really important to study anatomy (even if you don't draw realistic pictures! basics are basics, no shortcuts here!) but I feel like there's tones good resouces all over the Internet so here I gave you just some tips that (I hope) will help you to improve your character designing skills :)

drawing different faces is really important thing in my opinion, it helps your characters to be fully unique.

so have fun playing with face features! *^,^*
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.:Bullet:. Patreon this tutorial was made thanks to big help of my dear patrons c: if you'd like to support me visit my patreon page
Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U!
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Holy hell this really helpful

xXTheDreamingWhaleXx's avatar
Omg thank you for posting this
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How lovely! I’d be sure to try that out on my OCs.
This tutorial is what I really needed, thanks for posting. I'm just starting out; the books I'm reading say I should start on faces first to develop the skills for more general works and to build confidence.
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Cool, this really helps people who struggle with drawing faces or heads themselves.
I love it !
Siren-Skin's avatar
what brushes do you use?! this is great
TheDevilReborn's avatar
AdvanceRun's avatar
Thanks, I followed some of your study , heres some results >
LanaCupcake's avatar
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This was so useful, thank you for this! :D
Lol thx im really having trouble with lips rn and the idea of changin the face is an awesome tip
ZitaTheSiren's avatar
Could you make a male one?
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Thanks for the wonderful tutorial! There isn't enough still drawing of the head of the person in a profile and a fullface. You have just wonderful style of drawing! Couldn't satisfy this request which I have stated above?:happybounce: Sweating a little... Woohooooo! 
CureRougefan's avatar
Very helpful for making unique looking characters. Thanks!
AwesomeRaptor21's avatar
Faving for future use
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very nice <3 
fumstix's avatar
Omg thanks! ^^
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Wow! This tutorial is effin' good! Instead of reinforcing a certain drawing style, it gives room for us beginners to use the basic rule  and modify it to our liking. Thanks so much Fukari! 
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This tutorial has helped me a lot in developing my style and making sure my characters don't suffer from same-face syndrome. Thank you so much for providing some insight!
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You've inspired me to create a new art style to try out, and this fucking helped a lot. Every time I see your art it motivates me to draw again instead of going art dead again. So thank you for playing a big part in my art life
laurajessamine's avatar
holy shit this has to be the most useful tutorial i've come across on this site
Lil-Teahorse's avatar
>o< I'm so happy for these tutorials. Learning to draw is very much like learning to write the alphabet: Trace it, copy what you see, try on your own, repeat x9000.
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Good Tutorial Heart 
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