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late Autumn/Winter always makes me sleepy and apathetic. When I found a spare minute to think about my OCs nothing came to my mind. I wanted to draw their crazy adventures... but I felt that their lives are as boring as my own. Working, sleeping, watching tv, trying to not get depressed too much.

One evening I told about this to my boyfriend. How can I draw my OCs adventures if nothing came to my mind? Their stories always somehow just magicaly showed up in my head but now I can even force my mind to create them. I was stuck. And then he told me: then draw their boring lives, maybe your OCs also need some calm, private time?

As always the simpliest solutions are the hardest to find. I know that my OCs are kind of supernatural (shapeshifters, angels and stuff) but they're humans too. it's not like our live is a never stoping roller coaster, all of us need some calm time too. and then stories started to show up in my head...

but right now I have a drawing of Offelia spending another cozy evening in her little flat she shares with Vadera. I really like the light here and woaaah long time since I made a picture with full background! yeah!

never let the mind-block to stop your art gray heart bullet  

_ _ _
.:Bullet:. Patreon see main steps from drawing process and get the .psd file with all layers at my patreon page! support me and become my patreon! www.patreon.com/Fuki
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What app did you use to create that? I’m asking cuz my app stinks. Also stitch!