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I've found one more little tutorial that I've never posted at dA. simply draw your lineart at tranparent layer and follow this tutorial to add some extra touch to your drawing Neko Emoji-27 (Being kawaii) [V2] 
software: photoshop cs5

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Anyone know how to do this for clip studio paint?

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this is magical i always wondered how people did that woa
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Thanks so much this helped me so much!
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Thank you for this! It is so helpful and it works so well!!
FranktheRogue's avatar
Stunning tutorial! 
123NicoNicoNii's avatar
Thanks for dat tutorial... Now I can use it.

If I ever had that software. XD
123NicoNicoNii's avatar
Oh wait I think I can use this on Medibang lol
Colors-Of-Summer's avatar
Thank you so much, you're a blessing <3
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This saved my life.
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This is so helpful, thank you for uploading this.
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dzięki za wrzucenie tego tutka, jest bardzo przydatny! :D
TchaikoGret's avatar
Jeez,you've just answered the question of my life ! I'll never thank you enough *-*
drawing4life1's avatar
your tips help so much! thank you!!! 

by the way, you are my favorite artistHeart 
Jimmyflame-Artworks's avatar
Never tried the clipping mask method. I'll give it a whirl one of these days. Thanks for this :D :D
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many roads to Rome 
yeslahrt's avatar
Thank you VERY MUCH this was needed.
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This is so helpful, thank you!
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oh man. it always took me a lot of extra work. Thankyou!!!
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OpheliaMoonARTblog's avatar
this helped a lot thank you!
ILiveInTheWoods's avatar
Thank you very much for sharing. It really helps.
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