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coffeecup mermaid

tying to learn how to draw on iPad Pro

my bit of review:
I bought it mostly to be able to work on my tattoo projects during guest spots. At home I'm still using my Wacom Intuos tablet (old type) and Photoshop software, but iPad is really handy if you need to draw digitally out of home. It's quite light and portable (I have 12,9" size, I have a feeling that smaller tablet woudn't be that comfortable to use), according to reviews I've read it's waaaay lighter than Wacom Companion so it's easy to carry aroud in a bag. It's very simple device, just install the app and draw. I'm using it only for drawing, checking instagram and maybe to watch some Neflix ; )

stylus has a size of a regular pencil, so it will be super comfy for people who draw a lot with traditional stuff, as for me I got used to thick Wacom stylus. I'm using ProCreate app which is very simple and perfect for sketching. There's some functions from Photoshop I miss in ProCreate but you can still do great art without them.

and battery is holding good!

what else can I say... I can't write rewievs XD I guess it would be better if you'll go to youtube for some professional rewievs. But summing up - I'm very happy from this purchase even if it was expensive as hell. It makes my work with tattoos easier (always better to draw projects digitally, it's easier to aply changes) and it's great if you just want to sketch freely and not carry sketchbook, pencil case and all that stuff

if you feel like you need an extra drawing tablet to be able to work outside the house or you don't have a graphic tablet yet and you want to start drawing digitally - go for it.

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such an amazing idea

and pulled off so well

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Wonderful artwork
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*head explodes*
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..Shes so cute I cant even. *implodes*
Well done!
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Don't drink the cutie!
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She's featured on my page today!
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That is one toasty mermaid! I imagine this would be like a hot tub that would wake you up rather than relax you! 

I love how you drew her scales - all dots, but looking just like shiny scales from far away! And as always your style of faces is just beautiful, and I just noticed that her freckles match the spots on her tail! :love:

Her hair as well is such a cute style, and I love that your mermaids have ear-fins!

Wonderful work, super cute! :hug:
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How lovely to take a dip in a soothing cup of tea. Warming Up 
I love the scaly pattern on the cup. Nice detail.
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Love this artHeart 
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Kiedy  wydasz artbooka z syrenkami? Pragne go i potrzebuje :heart:
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this looks marvelous, I'm glad you like the ipad pro you got. I have the same feelings towards my wacom tablet, I love using it so much. 
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so cute, your style is very edgy and a bit sketchy, and i absolutely love it!!!
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She looks great! :nod:

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This is my favorite mermaid of yours! She so sweet and the looks so toasty in there! Gorgeous eyes and I love the pattern/ color of the cup!
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she's the cutest mermaid I ever seen tbh 
I love her tail, I which I could touch it for real  
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Trying to learn?? I hate youuu ;)
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Awww, cute! I love her little face!
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