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condition of air in Warsaw, where I live, is terrible since last days. People are told not to leave homes if nessesary, to not stay outside for a long time. There's a huge smog above the city, air is a bit stinky and dry and my head hurts a lot since few days. All because of people who heat up their homes with cheap coal or trashes. Yes, people are still burning trashes here. And the weather is cold and windless so all that smoke is staing here Cough 

it's kinda depressing and to be honest I'm really easy to get paranoid. It's awful outside, it's grey, cold, there's some dirty melted snow and it's the middle of the winter so I need to wait like 3 months to see some green grass. uh 
I bought some plants to my flat [i]: potted sprout pixel  One day I would like to have a house full of plants, just like my mum or my grandmother but I'm still learning how to take care for them. one of my beautiful new plants (uh, it was expensive one!) is already dying, because the air in my flat is too dry for it :(

I could really use a glass helmet to put my plants inside and just take a deep, relaxing breathe. 

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Sennelier watercolors, black indian ink
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they actually have those now. it's called "air by microclimate". its not cheap but if I knew how long covid was going to last I would have sprung for it

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that is awful! is it better now?
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I looove the concept of this. You are definitely one of my favorite artists now. I'm so glad I found your work!
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this post inspired me to start drawing profiles
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Oh my gosh I can't tell you how much I love your art style! It's so pretty! My style is kinda simaler, but more detailed.
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Great execution, great vibe.
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I'm really sorry to hear about the condition of Warsaw. You're art perfectly encapsulates what you were going for. And it really is just stunning. I can only imagine your frustration. I hope things get better soon.
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Okay so I feel like this drawing right now
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A really cool outfit she has. And I see what you did there with the scarf. :P

I can't imagine living in a smog area, with visible or noticeable air pollution...
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wooooow its so cute
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Omg, you made this? This is like my favorite piece of all time!!!
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...And a leader somewhere in the world has signed an executive mandate to bring back the dying coal production. Why is global warming and pollution still just a hypothetical to so many people??
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Watchuję Cię już od kilku lat, ale nie miałam okazji, żeby skomentować jakąkolwiek Twoją pracę - zwykle favuję lub jestem po prostu biernym obserwatorem, chociaż lubię Twoje uniwersum i styl.

Uwielbiam Twoje pomysły i zazdroszczę kreatywności. Już wiele Twoich prac mi się spodobało, ale... ta do mnie mocno przemawia, nawet nie wiem czemu.

Nie będę się rozpisywać, może kiedyś to przeczytasz, w setkach innych komentarzy, które dostajesz... W każdym razie, świetna praca. 
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A little fanart Heart Hope you like it =D (Big Grin) 
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I might like it there, lots of gray makes me feel good. I wouldn't like the smog in my throat, though.
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Beautiful work! (also Gravity Falls!!!! <3 ) 
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love this style
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it's so beautiful I wanna cry ;-; goooood i can't.... 
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Beautiful colours!
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