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Filip mocking G that his bonfire is rather a bonfailure. G "I told you that the wood is wet! Don't smirk here, you wiseass, better go to search for some dry branches!"Emoji09  

haven't drew them in a while. I recently found a great illustrator on tumblr ( eeriecrests.tumblr.com/ ) and she picks colors sooo well, I can feel that summer/autumn vibe in her works. I tried to doodle something with similiar color scheme but idk, I kinda suck with colors. I need more practice!

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Chat-MotHobbyist General Artist
the colors are great don't sweat it, also like other said, it's good to see these two again ^^ it's a cute drawing and i feel george's embarrassment for this ridiculous fire xD
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ShadowFox363Hobbyist Artist
Theyre friends again!
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thespiderlily30Hobbyist Writer
So is it just me or does G kind of look like Jughead from Riverdale in this pic? I feel like it’s the hat lol. 
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SLinnemannArtProfessional Digital Artist
If you ever gonna do an artbook, talking about your style, colors, how you do what and which... like an artbook, tell about everything. Im gonna throw my money so hard your way. 
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FukariHobbyist General Artist
I actually published 3 of them c: fuki-stuff.com/product-categor…
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SLinnemannArtProfessional Digital Artist
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Larry-LightfistHobbyist General Artist
this is so pretty!!! i adore the colors!
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Kolorki są super, bije jesienią z tej pracy :heart:
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No offense for a sec thought it was camp camp cri
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varulfHobbyist General Artist
ja tam mysl, że taki komiks o G to by sie nieźle sprzedawał.
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A-AWHobbyist General Artist
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EricVonSchweetzHobbyist Digital Artist
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pychoclownHobbyist General Artist
I would totally go camping with G!! 
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RosybubHobbyist Digital Artist
Love this!
I think the colour scheme you used is gorgeous, love summer/autumn colours. Heart 
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It's sooo nice to see G again^____^
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ThePenVsTheSwordStudent Writer
Excellent work!
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Miłuję Twoje arty naruto gif  Kakashi Hatake 
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Bon fires are one of my favorite things about fall. ^_^
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DeezzArtHobbyist General Artist
they missed me so damn much
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