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hi there!

For a long time I wanted to draw some naughty furries so here are my very first YCH commissions! let's see how it will go!


-contact email is my personal one so please don't spam me about other commissions than this one (when I'll open regular commissions I'll announce it)
-payment via Paypal
-preferably canines species
-final pictures will contain nudity, will be posted as nsfw
-you'll get a waist-up, fullcolor picture of your OC, this kind of quality:
comm - Teddy by Fukari

YCH 1 - sold to ShayWolf423
YCH 2 - sold to ShayWolf423
YCH 3 - [open]
YCH 4 - sold to HiikuroBerii [ character: Rae ]

if you are interested hit me with email at :) attach your nickname and character references and pick which pose you want to buy. I prefer to make canines but I can adjust those bases for more feline characters. It's my first YCH so this time I want to stick to bases I made :)

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Hello everyone! Fukari is now posting only on Instagram !
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Will you make more art?
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ShibaSencha kind of mentioned this but all your recent art is showing up as submitted in 2017... is this a bug maybe?
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I don't think that Fukari has been active for a very long time, I'm afraid. The submitted date isn't incorrect.
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Hey, is this you?
This ych post (on da) is from 2017 so I'm a bit confused as to why it's posted on ych.commishes for current bidding. Is somebody trying to claim your work?…
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May I see how they looking?
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This is beautiful, and I'd love to commission you one day.
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Hello I love your art! It's a amazing just I want to said your are the best devaint art artiste for me! I want to see you back! Just Carry on like this!^^
Love Sapphire dance icon Drawn the artssss 
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i wonder when you next piece will come out
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[Meant to post to main comment thread. Idk why it posted as a reply to your comment- sorry!]
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7u7 i love you art
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Chciałabym, ale jestem biedna ;-;
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the money is worth it but that's a lot of saving up to do!
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Please make sure this is marked as Mature Content~! :heart: As much as I love seeing well-drawn art, I don't want to explain some of these things to my grandmother. ;w;
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I'd like to buy 3 please if still available ^.^
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I saw your drawing of Naruto characters TenTen, Sakura, Anko, and Temari. Please draw Hinata the way you did them please. Please.
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Can you change the gender if we got a slot?
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I'd like to buy 1 and 2 please!
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Są piękne :D 
Z YCH-ami najlepiej działać na Furaffinity. Na DA jakoś ludzie nie są nastawieni na commissiony... 
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no właśnie muszę chyba odświeżyć swoje dawno założone i zapomniane konto na FA ; u ; bo porysowałabym futerka
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This is so cool!
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