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finally I managed to do a reference sheet for my fursona Emoji06 
here - Fukari's ref sheet - is the last ref I've made, 7 years ago. Fuki changed a lot since then!

and finally I started to make my very own fursuit! With a friend of mine we decided to learn fursuiting and we want to make our fursuits by ourselves. Wish us luck! (probably our suits will be cringey as fcuk because I bet it takes lot of time and practice to make a fab looking ones, so our first try might not be spectacular XD )

 _ _ _ 

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that is me i hate too crying baby

You stupid spineless worthless piece of rotten cheddar cheese, speaking of cheese how much you been producing in that disgusting stinky unwashed forskin -bigballs24 out

Mokolat-Illustr's avatar

Wow, I love the design!

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Hello Fukari! Or do you prefer Fuki?! ^_^

I have seen your artwork through various internet searches. Your fursona is quite the lovely lady! <3

Keep up the nice work! :)

EztrossaArayA's avatar

Does.... Does the first figure have a wig or????

Welcome to watch Mojo’s top ten questions not even science can answer.

i love your regular art, but may i ask why you want to be a furry/are one? i dont mean to be rude at all, i study psychology in college and id like to know.

youtubeiz's avatar

probably because people just like the diversity of animals compared to humans. that and the fact that the community is extremely friendly and accepting so that can also draw people to it.

MissLunarTears's avatar

Maybe because it's just a hobby

KlarkKentThe3rd's avatar
But chicken leg loves you.....
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I find myself coming back to your page, It is very inspiring. :)
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Great design !
smartwhitefang's avatar
Love this kind of characters
puppylovegabby's avatar
This is so cute! She is very unique :3
Sleepy-Kitx's avatar
i love how your oc looks, it soo unique i love unique characters 

good job
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I love this character by the way "I generally line up with her likes and dislikes I should date her"are I stupid first thoughts... and I can imagine how this makes you feel
wilde-demigoddess's avatar
I LOVE YOUR ART SO MUCH. that was aggressive Oops! Love Clap 
PorcelainMalice's avatar
best of luck! I hope to someday make a partial one. These things are a seriously expensive hobby where I am...
Cyb3rRain's avatar
Beautiful art and awesome fursona design! Thumbs Up 
NightmareFog's avatar
Gidan-Kuroki's avatar
omg, I love it so much! ;;

Your artstyle= everything ;; 

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Heart LovelyHeart

Meow :3 Meow :3 Meow :3 Meow :3 
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Hello! Lovely fursona, looks super pretty, cute and cool! :-D I just had to ask if you take comissions? 
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