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Naruto The Last - true ending

Yesterday I watched this movie and this is how it should have ended.

Well I don't like Hinata, she's a creppy stalker :I (a wrong Hyuuga died during the war!) I never was into Naru-Sasu ship, seemed a bit too obvious and too weird, but when you watch 800 episodes where one guy sees nothing but the other dude and he's so desperate to bring him back to the village no matter what a shithead he bacame... welp, I can't help it, it's true bromance. No girls allowed.

The ending of this series was a dissapointment. Basically it turned out that Naruto is not a story about a boy who wants to proove his value and become a Hokage. It's a story about 2 girls who were stalking guys as long as they decided to marry them. Yes Sakura, Hinata, I'm talking about you.

and I'm dissapointed about Sasuke-Sakura marriage. He tried to kill her like 3 times! I would prefer ending where it's Lee who marry Sakura, at least he cared about her. If Hinata could finally get her dreamed man then why can't Lee be with Sakura? She should totally re-evaluate her priorities - marry a guy who loves her and fights for her and is a good man or marry a hot one even if he's a dick. Like c'mon, girl, you're not 15 anymore to think like that.

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So if Hinata is a stalker then I guess Kakashi and Jiraiya is a stalker to cuz they watched over Naruto too, now Sakura she was a stalker! Hinata admired Naruto Sakura was obsessed with Sasuke! saying you don't like her because you think she's a stalker is kind of dumb😭🤷🏿‍♀️but hey whatever dude

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Well, I agree with you on the SasuSaku marriage, cause its messed up. NaruHina is fine for me, but the only reason why most fans dont like NH is because Hinata doesn't really have much screen time because the show's targeted audience is young boys and when the show was released young boys preferred action over romance, and that's why NH got a small amount of screen time. Although I don't think Hinata or Neji should've died, but instead Hinata could've helped Naruto up and prevent Neji dying. And at the time the show was released, the LGBTQ was not much of a liking towards boys so Masashi kept the ships straight and not LGBTQ.

In my opinion Hinata isn't really a "stalker" because we only see her watching Naruto (her hiding behind a post/tree and watching Naruto) several times (3-7 and most are flashbacks) in NS because in Naruto OG, the watching Naruto parts that went beyond 5 minutes were in Naruto OG. In Naruto OG, Naruto was just a crush and source of inspiration for Hinata, but slowly in NS she started admitting she loved him.

Since NS didn't even let us see more than 3 NaruHina scenes (movie not included because movie is all about them), fans can say that the ship seems forced, but if you read Naruto Retsuden and the other novels, there's more NH scenes that'll make it look like it was never forced at all. There have been several doujinshis that Kishimoto made that were canon, but never made it into the anime.


Hey can you give me the link or name of those works?

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Kishimoto has also said he is bad at writing romance stories thats why it feels forced and not a legit ship.

And we all know boys don't like showing their sappy sides because its not 'manly' so Kishimoto had to restrain his editors from making the couples too cute or too romantic because the target audience (boys) wouldn't really like it.


  1. Calling it "true ending" is kinda ins

  2. Naruto is still about a boy who wants to prove his value and become Hokage you're just whiney cause you didn't get your ship in the

  3. Calling it "true ending" is kinda insulta like what part of the entire series does that make sense??? And Hinata was clearly just shy and if anything just came off as a bit of stalker completely unintentionally hell Kishimoto himself said he's terrible at writing romance so it ended with alot of it feeling rushed and a bit forced because Kishimoto is just not good at writing romance which once again he fully admits!!!! He clearly has shown there's no romantic feelings between Naruto and Sasuke and that's final deal with it narusasu never had a chance

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sorry, but all these butthurt hinata/NH stans can't take a joke nor legit criticism, at all.  
learn to take a damn joke, please.
hinata is a nothing character, just a girl with self-esteem issues just to exist for Naruto only, that is sad existence for a character and NH does nothing for the story, sorry but it's the truth.
everyone always talks about how bad SS is, I agree that ship is a train wreck, but there is so much wrong with NH/hinata as well.

as for the rest: I dislike SNS now, it has so many issues and Naruto is a mary sue, so I dislike his character, but i'll admit, despite so much wrong with SNS, at least they mutually pay attention to each other, unlike with the girls: whom they either forget about after hundreds of chapters (hinata) or try to kill/be rude to/insult them (sakura). part 1, NH/SS had some hope for development, maybe, then part 2 came and killed it.

lmao, it's worse since sasuke opens up emotionally to Naruto, his BFF, but not his OWN DAMN WIFE?? like??  
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Pfft~ :rofl:
I found this a year ago on Tumbrlr (I think it was your blog) Glad to see it is still up on internet, it gave me a laughing attack back them, my mom and a friend I showed this were laughing too :D
To be honest, I share some points in common with you:
1)The ending WAS a disappointment, I would have preferred a) an open ending with implications that Naruto IS the new Hokage (nothing against Kakashi here) being  and Sasuke is next to him as his anbu/advisor (as NARUTO wanted) and Sakura being a medic nin, just as ahe was trained; or b) ... this hurts, but, I would prefer them dead during their last fight, rather than weddings and unrequited stuff, this would have been sad, but so epic for them.
2) I dislike Hinata and Sakura so much for a number of reasons I won't mention here (I don't want a war over here), and even Sakura I can tolerate more, at least she HAD development, and you're right, they are stalkers, no matter how much one tries  to soften/prove wrong this.
3)Just like you, I wasn't into the Sasunaru ship until last year (or two years ago, lost the count XD), I honestly had no ship at all, I love the story, and LOVE Naruto and Sasuke as individuals, and their constant barking between each other reminded me of two friends I had they never got along that well, but I was the friend in common, so they had to tolerate each other sometimes, the only way they would agree on something was when  I was the target to bother for the day :XD: But yeah, after reading the manga recently, and re-watching the series, I ship them, and not for the "look! two guys! let's pair them!", but their whole background, their development, and all the symbolism behind them that is just for them ( and yeah, apparently is a no-girls-allowed bunch of symbolism, because all goes just between those two, not the girls lol).

I didn't even bother to watch after chapter 698 and on, neither The Last (fillers without purpose), but I heard that the movie was really bad, more reasons to avoid it :D
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that's stupid as hell to even assume that the story of naruto just end up turing into two girls wanting to end with the guys. are you kidding me? 
i don't like SS but there's nothing wrong with Nh NOR anything shows hinata being a stalker. high ignorance there. the development between hinata and naruto may be small but it's there in the manga added with the movie that gives out a beautiful closure to the two while for the rest ehh it's alright. naruto relationship with sasuke was never really develop in the manga. your intention for the manga were only for the pairings other than the character naruto himself achieving his dream,smh.
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I FEEL LIKE I'VE BEEN SCREAMING IN THE NARUTO POSTS. I have no right to judge cause I haven't completed the series but I did find out about this but I feel the same. I mean I personally do ship Sasuke and Naruto but I would be happy even if they didn't end up together(so it is definitely not the yaoi mind speaking). Maybe it's because I haven't felt the bond develop that much between the pairs cause now it feels like a fangirl more than any sort of love that would evolve into a relationship.
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Hahahaha Bromance totally.
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"A wrong Hyuuga died during the war!" Ohh girl, that's so true...
Loads of shit among the comments, although I totally agree with you. I think the only reason why SasuNaruSasu wasn't the main ship is because Naruto is a shonen manga and "boys don't want to see boys loving other boys" *sigh* too much bullshit for me. Not because I'm a fujoshi, just because is FUCKIN' OBVIOUS as you said. Someone said you're mysoginist because of the panel where Naruto pushes Hinata off the mountain, but isn't Masashi the mysoginist here? SasuSaku was so forced and horrible I can't believe is real. SasuSaku is a story of a mistreated woman that loves an asshole and is not able to see the reality. God, that's sick. So yeah, the real mysoginist here is Kishimoto indeed.
Anyway, I totally agree with you girl~
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*Sigh* I'm sorry, but stuff like this is the reason why I can't stand yaoi fangirls.  You're always so misogynistic towards female characters. Facepalm 

Also, please don't put anti stuff in the Hinata tag, it's very disrespectful.  There's an anti-Hinata tag for a reason.
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Tbh, Hinata wasn't a good character in the first place. She was just a side character that basically stalked Naruto. But people don't ship Sasunaru just for the yaoi. They ship it because of the chemistry and amazing bond they had together, unlike most of the ships in this fandom. 
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she never stalked naruto and that doesn't prove anything of hinata being a bad character. naruto and sasuke relationship were dysfunctional as hell. their bond and "chemistry" are terribly forced with sasuke insufferable ego and naruto dumb idealistic views. team seven was never a well proper develop team. it's flawed and disliked for a reason.
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"Basically it turned out that Naruto is not a story about a boy who wants to proove his value and become a Hokage. It's a story about 2 girls who were stalking guys as long as they decided to marry them." I'd agree with your point of view if Naruto wouldn't have become Hokage, but he did and that's all that matters to me.
I understand people that's not happy with the couples but the series wasn't about pairing, it was about a kid that truly wanted to be recognised and become his village's leader and after 700 chapters he fucking did it, so... Naruto could have gotten married with a cactus and Sakura and Hinata turn out lesbians and Sasuke would have stay alone in Konoha raising cats and stay single till he dies and I wouldn't give a damn about it as long as Naruto was the Hokage he is now lol

I also would have liked Sakura to fall in love with Rock Lee, he was lovely with her all the time and she never abused him like she did to Naruto, I think they would have been a nice couple too...

English isn't my first language so if you don't understand something that I wrote or I wrote something wrong, please correct me so I can improve. Thanks!
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I AGREE  10000% 
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I cant help but to laugh at the idea of Hinata and Sakura being crazy stalkers. Look at Yuuno Gasai, Shion Sonozaki or the crazy chick from school days. If you dont kill a bunch of people in horrible ways for the sake of your man, then you are no crazy stalker to me :V my standards are way too high on this one.

I like NaruHina actually, but not SasuSaku so I agree with you on that one. Also that Sasuke and Naruto should have ended up together. They are out of their homes a lot, maybe they are banging in secret or something.

Any thoughts on the next generation?Boruto is meh and Sarada is...Idk, but I love Mitsuki :B also, apologies on commenting so late on this ;3;
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Lol, could you imagine xD
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Great analysis :D 
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Tak! Tak! Kooocham to!!! Love Love Heart Heart :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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Sakura STILL ends up marrying Sasuke??? Like, even after she grows as a character and actually becomes useful, she's still just like "Imma throw all my development behind me and marry this guy who probably still hates me, but Naruto wore him down."

I don't think I'm gonna finish reading/watching the series
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dude same reason why I didnt finish the series when I heard that.
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