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DAO - my failure ending



asdf... it's not fair. I was really good elf girl :<



all charas from Dragon Age:Origins (c) Bioware
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I laughed harder than I probably should have, I'm only slightly sorry.
Being a Warden is hard, your pain is shared Warden
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Oh good im not the only one who failed at the first play through...

I kept  hoping that I'd be the magical Queen Meli but no. He dumped me..... And Morrigan just added salt to the wound.......

I like your style but this is making me think back to the days when I didnt know you can harden Alistair..........
I feel for you bro😪 If you are a human you get to be queen, marry Alistair AND get an upgrade from the tent!
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I like romances with Zev. I never even knew this ending existed.
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that's why  i always harden Alistair and have my female Dalish warden have full coercion skill so that she can convince Alistair that they can still be together
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Played as an elf-girl, did the same dumb thing and got the same dumb ending. I was sooooo mad, too. Great comic, though!!
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Poor sister, I know how u feel and that's why I dived into the forbidden arts of MOD Magic!
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At least you haven't had a codex appear like you want it to. ;-; My codex for Zevran Arainai is appearing as non-romanced, after I went through a whole week in Origins taking the time to romance the shit out of him.. Rory I swear to god if you costed me Zevran! >_____________> 
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<font><font class="">f*** you Alistair , I always hate you so much è_é </font></font>
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I laughed do hard :)
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I knew how it was going to end, so my elf girls went with zevran/leliana, my dwarven male (just for the lulz) got morrigan, and my cousland kicked alistair in the face, made him marry arnora (even better) and went with Sten to his homeland, happy endings for everyone
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Bardzo Fajnie. Niech cię Alistair. A już myślałam, że będzie tak pięknie a tu taki zonk na końcu. Zajebiście D:<
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hahahaha i really loved it!
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Uwielbiam to. Ich miny są rozbrajające po prostu :XD:
Ja męską postacią po raz pierwszy przechodziłam DAO, ale szczęśliwego zakończenia i tak nie miałam, spiknęłam Alistaira z Anorą, odmówiłam Morrigan rytuału i po finałowej walce posłałam swoją postać na zieloną trawkę.
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Happily for me I picked the Cousland the 1st time I play, otherwise i would have hit my head against the wall XD. Love your drawind :)
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The same thing happened to me! I restarted and this time I hardened (Hah!) Alistair so he wanted to be king and was a human so I ended up marrying him. But Morrigan still had a child with him, which made me make another game where I became king, had a child with Morrigan and was forever alone after she left.
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i looked behind me to check for the darkspawn O_O
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That is exactly how my first playthrough went...glad I'm not the only one...damnable thing should come with a warning lable. Who would have thought Alistair would do that.
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If you're in a romance with Alistair, you can actually convince him to keep you as his lover on the side.
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That was EXACTLY how my playthrough ended too XD Guess I wasn't the only one who was screwed over.
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You can choose the option "No one can say the king what to do" to stay his lover after he became king...also you can refuse morrigans ritual but it means that alistair will die if you are still in a relationship with him -.- guess you know this though and yes i thought similar when i played through the first time^^
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Alistair is racist! U.U
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