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Oh, I get it. "G" for Ghibli. 
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These are all so awesomely beautiful! Such excellent, skillful work. Makes me want to watch some Ghibli right now.
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Howl and Sophie reading books together! That is spot-on wonderful!
mimisellie's avatar
All the Miyazaki movies are the best.Heart 
Azvolrien's avatar
These are all absolutely beautiful, but my favourites are definitely the Howl's Moving Castle ones. You did a great job drawing the castle!
ColorStudy's avatar
this gives me so many warm fuzzies
judy-exo's avatar
Right in the childhood Rainbow Cute Cry Plz 
Fancy-Indigo's avatar
This gave me such feels just now... Oh my heart.
Russetwing's avatar
I think this is my favorite piece of artwork ever. It's all so happy and perfect and I love it so so much.
Dark-Angels-Leader's avatar
breaking my heart one picture at a time.. ;u; so beautiful <3
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//////revs engines
i love this so much thank you so much for using your gorgeous art to draw such beautiful thinGS
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Stunning! I love both of the Howl ones, and the Catbus one :D
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This is one of my favorite things ever. These films were my childhood and these pictures are simply amazing. Awesome artwork.
Dulitapop's avatar
I love this. Absolutely stunning.
Koi-Sauce's avatar

Sigh, good ol' memories...I love the very bottom art piece the most.

(Sob, I want to go there...)

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Oh god just looking at the Totoro just reminds me of the story that it's actually based on but the art is purrfect
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When I first heard of it I was sobbin glike crazy because My neighbor Totoro was my freaking favorite move by Studio Ghibi
AngelSanto's avatar
I was insanely interested and fascinated, I find these things to be awfully fascinated and amazed~ 
I truly love that kind of thing...
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