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Fall 2016 Single Commission Guide


・・・ʕ ˵ ̿–ᴥ ̿– ˵ ʔ
Hello. I'm here opening commission and these prices will be available throughout Fall 2016 for single character pictures.

Fun stuff: Discount vouchers will get randomly featured in my deviantArt profile page, and will stay until someone send me the screenshot! The first person who does so will get % discount as written in the voucher.
Good luck~ 〜 〜(/ ̄▽)/ 〜ф 


► Paypal only.
► Contact me if you want to make derivative sales from my artwork. 
► Write a comment here or send me a note that expresses your interest.
► I retain the rights to publish the results as part of my portfolio.
► I may refuse your order if it's beyond my current time/skill capabilities.
► You will get both transparent (no effect) file and complete file.
► Headshot won't include hands. 
► I won't do anthro/furry/robot/mecha/fullbody armors.
► Simple background includes (one of): trees, flower petals, leaves, clouds and sky, and other monochromatic silhouette. I won't charge extra for these.
► Additional details includes complex accessories, weapons, music instruments, man-made architectural backgrounds, etc. I will charge extra for these.
► You may request for a discount if you only require simple clothes or less body shown (i.e. bust up instead waist up, one arm instead of two, etc.).
► If you're not sure, please ask~
COUPLES are only available through YCH for now, sorry. I can get stuck in couple poses for weeks, which isn't good for any of us. ; v ; 

None at the moment

{c} KaoKay by fuicchi-neeYCH :: Mine! (finished) by fuicchi-neeSunny Day by fuicchi-nee
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omg your style is also beautiful ;-; Do you happen to be open for commissions??? <33
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There's a waiting list, but I'm open and committed to finish everything in a week. ; v ; )b
I'd be happy to take your commission if you're interested~ 
Heichukar's avatar
omg yes! I'll send you note asap!
fuicchi-nee's avatar
Aaaaaah thank you ; 7 ; )b
Heichukar's avatar
FaxSideUp's avatar
I had a question aaaa-
I know this is for singles only and couples are YCH exclusive- but what if it wasn't necessarily couple-esque?
Like, two characters just.. hanging out. Friends being friends.
Or couples, but not super expressive in the image. Holding hands, sitting apart but still together. (Sitting on a bench, ice cream, etc.)
fuicchi-nee's avatar
Thank you for your interest hhh ; ///v/// ;
Yes, as long as their limbs aren't intertwined together, I could count it as two commissions ^v^ (with background discount for one of them). Which type of commission are you looking for? 
FaxSideUp's avatar
yeah, that'd work!
I was looking for a fullbody commission of my boyfriend and I aaaa

and a halfbody of a single character as well ///
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Aaaah that sounds amazing ; //// ;

Can you send me a note that shows the characters as well as description of the picture?

Then I'll give you an estimated time and price depending on the details ; v ;

Thank you for considering me ; 7 ;
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