To combine or not to combine
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Published: August 15, 2011

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I actually have three accounts here on dA, but I neglect two of them horribly.  One is for photos I've taken during our travels that I thought were neat enough to share.  The other was intended to be a showcase for :icongaliowhoop:'s and my Etsy store.  

I check in to this account every day almost without fail.  The others... maybe once every several months. OTL   It's especially bad where the Etsy account is concerned, because that's one that could theoretically be bringing in a bit of money if I were actually taking care of it.  :blush:   Also, this account is a paid one, while the other two are freebies.  I think that's part of the reason I neglect them; I get spoiled with the interface on this one.

Combining everything into one account would definitely make it easier to track everything, although it would be deliberately blending my fandoms with RL.  I've managed to avoid that for several years, and I don't know that I'd want to change that.   There's stuff I've drawn and written that I'm not sure our Steampunk clientele would want/need to see, and I don't know that my Fandom-based watchers would be interested in photos of waterfalls.  xD

*sigh*   I think I just need to get better about logging in to our other accounts and just take care of them, already.  At least for now, anyway.   Much as I'd like to think I can just throw them together into one pile, I'm not sure the separate audiences for each element would blend into the other areas at all well.  :-/

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