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Rorschach Fanart Feature #5

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 4, 2011, 8:42 PM

V mask emote by FugueState :rorschach by Gomotes :rorschach by Gomotes V mask emote by FugueState

(O|O) (O|O) (O|O) (O|O) (O|O) (O|O) (O|O) (O|O) (O|O)

I missed updating last week, so it's fitting to have more than ten pieces on this last entry (or so I tell myself ;P)

I'm showcasing pieces I've favorited that have fewer than 1000 pageviews.  
THE AWESOME, LET ME SHOW YOU IT. :iconsmile--plz:

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Rorschach with a unicorn by UnusualJuggernaut  Rorschach with a unicorn by :iconunusualjuggernaut: UnusualJuggernaut

Seriously, what could be more awesome?  xD  I think what I like most about this (magnificently crack-tastic) piece is that it is done with care.  The unicorn's body is excellently foreshortened and lifelike, and Rorschach's pose is perfectly typical.  It encapsulates the Watchmen fandom's capacity to successfully incorporate crack, therefore I like it very much.  ;)

Rorschach by Archonyto  Rorschach by :iconarchonyto: Archonyto

Another excellent portrait.  There's a terrific sense of lighting and mood in an image that was executed with such speed .

Rorschach by pm9402  Rorschach by :iconpm9402: pm9402

Brooding, in living color.  Rorschach lends himself very well to "thinking" poses, and this is no exception.

Rorschach_01 by tomisaksen  Rorschach_01 and  
:thumb200160328: Rorschach by :icontomisaksen: tomisaksen

This artist created an awesome 3D digital rendering of the character.  Check out the website link to see more views of it!

:thumb201090421: Hone and Strop  and
:thumb205746345: Just Pleased to See Ya by :iconstealsthyme: StealsThyme

This artist tells amazing stories with her work, both visual and literary.  I love the command of anatomy (don't laugh, Lio!) and the painterly coloring style of her work.   Her dA gallery is just the smallest taste of what she's created, and I hope she posts much more here (hint, hint...)

Rorschach Lives by oleolah Rorschach Lives by :iconoleolah: oleolah

I like that I can see the lines of Rorschach's features through the ink in the mask in this, and the brushstrokes in the trench coat lend it a great sense of texture.  All the fabric folds in this are terrific, really, as is the blurred background in cold colors.  It has a great mood overall.

Hallelujah by Smutch Hallelujah by :iconsmutch: Smutch

Simple, graphic style with an interesting composition.   It's one of those pieces that looks deceptively simple, until one really looks at the choices in shape and shading.

Haunted Doorway by initialaitch  Haunted Doorway by :iconinitialaitch: initialaitch

If you haven't read the graphic novel, you will not get this joke (and if you haven't read the graphic novel, WHY ON EARTH NOT OMG).  If you have read the GN, this will either be hilarious or conniption-inducing.  Either way, good times.  xD

RiG: A Lump on the Sofa by tranimation-art RiG: A Lump on the Sofa by :icontranimation-art: tranimation-art

I know :icontranimation-art: got frustrated with this piece, but I really like it.  Rorschach's face (particularly his eyebrows) almost perfectly match Jackie Earle Haley's portrayal, and the AU this piece belongs to is fascinating.

Rorschach.. by kova107  Rorschach.. by :iconkova107: kova107

I. Love. Gritty portraits of Rorschach.  This moment is about as gritty as one can get.  The extreme angle, barest hints of color (except for the blood) and the implication that he's looking up at the viewer through a surveillance camera make it excellent in my book.

:thumb118113373:  Walter by :iconsubterranean-hepcat: Subterranean-Hepcat

Taking a quote from the graphic novel, this is a rare view of the man behind Rorschach, and the toll this life takes on him.  Extra impressive to me because it's a color traditional piece.

This City is Afraid of Me.. by remember321  This City is Afraid of Me.. by :iconremember321: remember321

White charcoal on black pastel paper (mmm, one of my favorites... ;D ), making excellent use of contrast to bring out the noir aspects of the character.

Rorschach and Niteowl by AAA968 Rorschach and Niteowl and
watchmen by AAA968 watchmen by :iconaaa968: AAA968

The linework and sense of action in these (particularly the first one xD) are what caught my attention.  There is such care in getting costume details right, and a definite sense of humor. ;D

...And there we have it!  

Thank you for accompanying me on this ride, and for checking out these artists' work.  :love:  I hope you had fun!

.']['. .']['. .']['. .']['. .']['. .']['. .']['. .']['. .']['. .']['. .']['.

Coexist stamp by Nethrion Love is Love stamp by capriciousgamzeee

.:Watchmen:. Stamp by styrecat Rorschach Stamp by picklelova
v by FediniSTAMPpage :thumb69517584: Question Authority Stamp by BuckNut

Civil Resistance Stamp by Jhas777

Rorschach emote by Smileydesign (Gomotes)
Stamps by picklelova, styrecat, Fedini, grau-gestreift, Jhas777, BuckNut, Cyberknife, FediniSTAMPpage

initialaitch Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2011
Again, lots I've never seen before - thanks. (And why/how didn't I know StealsThyme even HAS a dA gallery?) I totally pounced on fave-ing the gritty one by kova107. As a character portait, brilliant. That's our boy!
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