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Rorschach Fanart Feature #4

Journal Entry: Sun May 22, 2011, 9:52 AM

V mask emote by FugueState :rorschach by Gomotes :rorschach by Gomotes V mask emote by FugueState

(O|O) (O|O) (O|O) (O|O) (O|O) (O|O) (O|O) (O|O) (O|O)

Your mission, should you choose to accept it...

The following works have fewer than 1000 pageviews.  THEIR AWESOMENESS MUST BE SEEN.  :iconcyrusmeanssrsbsnsplz:

Rorschach Fanart Feature Part 1:…

Rorschach Fanart Feature Part 2:…

Rorschach Fanart Feature Part 3:…

Cartoon-ish Rorschach by TaroInaba Cartoon-ish Rorschach by  :icontaroinaba: TaroInaba

I think what I like most about this piece is actually the little sketch below of him writing in his journal.  Something about the hunch of his back and the visible sketch lines...

Elf wishlist group delivery by saniika  Elf wishlist group delivery by  :iconsaniika: saniika

saniika is awesome anyway, but the fact that she'll tackle unfamiliar characters is even more so. :)  I requested Rorschach a while back, and here he is, hanging out in a group he'd likely never have imagined. xD

Roschsars, the true face by Boudicca-Keltoi  Roschsars [sic], the true face by  :iconboudicca-keltoi: Boudicca-Keltoi

Beautiful detail and sense of atmosphere - this is one of the best GN-based portraits of Rorschach's "disguise" I've seen.

Partners 1965: the first gift by initialaitch  Partners 1965: the first gift by :iconinitialaitch: initialaitch

A visual origin story of the grappling hook.  :)

Bad Daniel, very bad. by crow821  Bad Daniel, very bad. by :iconcrow821: crow821

An illustration for this fic:… gritty textures, the sense of motion, and the excellent likenesses fill this piece with awesome.

The Owl and the Ink Man by NiteOwl94  The Owl and the Ink Man by :iconniteowl94: NiteOwl94

Rorschach's shoulders and the pattern in his mask really get me in this one. (I'm forever fascinated by the patterns people choose for his "face"...)

Luck Illustration by crow821  Luck Illustration by :iconcrow821: crow821

Featured not only for its own fantastic details and mood, but because it illustrates a story in an awesome AU by Etherati:…

More Watchmen by rmerry  More Watchmen by :iconrmerry: rmerry

Green/purple/orange color scheme, just like in the GN.  Nite Owl facing the brighter side, Rorschach looking at the dark... I love it.

Walter sketches by rmerry  Walter sketches by :iconrmerry: rmerry

Rorschach may not care for how he looks beneath his face, but Walter's features are fascinating.

you had no choice by radishface  you had no choice by :iconradishface: radishface

(Why yes, I am a slash fan! xD )  Aside from that, I love the attention paid to Walter and Dan's features - Walter's short nose and frown, Dan's height, the difference in their jawlines, brows and hair.  I love the sense of lighting that's achieved with so few simple shapes placed in just the right spot.

.']['. .']['. .']['. .']['. .']['. .']['. .']['. .']['. .']['. .']['. .']['.

Coexist stamp by Nethrion Love is Love stamp by capriciousgamzeee

.:Watchmen:. Stamp by styrecat Rorschach Stamp by picklelova
v by FediniSTAMPpage :thumb69517584: Question Authority Stamp by BuckNut

Civil Resistance Stamp by Jhas777

Rorschach emote by Smileydesign (Gomotes)
Stamps by picklelova, styrecat, Fedini, grau-gestreift, Jhas777, BuckNut, Cyberknife, FediniSTAMPpage

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NiteOwl94 Featured By Owner May 27, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow wow wow thanks so much ^^
I'm flattered
FugueState Featured By Owner May 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Y'welcome! :)
saniika Featured By Owner May 23, 2011  Professional General Artist
Holy carp... i wouldnt even dream to get featured with my silly sketch... <:- ) thanks... i am glad you liked it <3
FugueState Featured By Owner May 24, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Absolutely I like it! :hug: Most, I think, because of the unusual angle and the clear sense of motion in the pose... and the fact that he's in with all those other characters, and my tiny mind finds that amusing. :giggle:
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May 22, 2011