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Rorschach Fanart Feature #3

Journal Entry: Sun May 15, 2011, 11:03 AM

V mask emote by FugueState :rorschach by Gomotes :rorschach by Gomotes V mask emote by FugueState

(O|O) (O|O) (O|O) (O|O) (O|O) (O|O) (O|O) (O|O) (O|O)

More under-appreciated fanart follows -

These are pieces among my :+fav:s that have fewer than 1000 pageviews - some have fewer than 100(!)    HURM.  VERY BAD.  MUST INVESTIGATE.   :iconrorschachplz:

Rorschach Fanart Feature Part 1:…

Rorschach Fanart Feature Part 2:…

Rorschach by murderscene6 Rorschach by :iconmurderscene6: murderscene6

Street art by "daft punk", photographed by the Deviant above.  I suppose an image of Rorschach used as graffiti art is something of a universe-imploding paradox in some ways, but I still like it.

Nerd Watch One by usualday  Nerd Watch One by :iconusualday: usualday

"Rorschach as a grizzled blogger", as the artist says.  An amusing yet frightening thought...

In Pursuit by Opergeist  In Pursuit by :iconopergeist: Opergeist

Another wonderfully atmospheric cosplay pic.

Geo Color samples 2 by KidNotorious  Geo Color samples 2 by :iconkidnotorious: KidNotorious

A colored version of this lineart by the same artist:… characters distilled into tiny yet evocative images that capture each of them as individuals.

  Look down. Whisper "no". by :iconmollusque: Mollusque

"Good joke.  Everybody laugh."   It's in a scrapbook gallery, but I DON'T CARE.

Birdmen by crow821  Birdmen by :iconcrow821: crow821

Illustrating a Watchmen Kinkmeme prompt on LJ -  An AU vision of Kovacs and Dreiberg if both were taken to jail.  Fantastic details abound, so be sure to Fullview it!

Sewn by crow821  Sewn by  :iconcrow821: crow821

Same artist as above, different style.  It was hard narrowing down artwork to feature in this gallery, because there is a lot of Rorschach fanart that needs more exposure within!   This piece is an illustration for this fic… by Etherati on LJ.  

Rorschach Again - Colored by Mark-Up  Rorschach Again - Colored by :iconmark-up: Mark-Up

A colored version of AetheriumDreams's piece in my previous feature. ^^  

The One Who Watches by NightWatcher36  The One Who Watches by :iconnightwatcher36: NightWatcher36

A badass portrait that appeals to my (often grim) sense of humor. ;]

:thumb189339105:  Rorschach by :iconsurkz: surkz

A ghost image from a deactivated account.  Somehow, knowing that Deviant is no longer there highlights the sketchiness and transience of the work.

.']['. .']['. .']['. .']['. .']['. .']['. .']['. .']['. .']['. .']['. .']['.

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Coexist stamp by Nethrion Love is Love stamp by capriciousgamzeee

.:Watchmen:. Stamp by styrecat Rorschach Stamp by picklelova
v by FediniSTAMPpage :thumb69517584: Question Authority Stamp by BuckNut

Civil Resistance Stamp by Jhas777

Rorschach emote by Smileydesign (Gomotes)
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May 15, 2011