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Rorschach Fanart Feature #2

Journal Entry: Sun May 8, 2011, 7:32 PM

V mask emote by FugueState :rorschach by Gomotes :rorschach by Gomotes V mask emote by FugueState

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Continuing the love for our bad-ass dysfunctional vigilante -

These pieces have fewer than 1000 pageviews.  THIS STATE OF AFFAIRS CANNOT STAND.  :iconnotimpressed-plz:

Please take a moment to enjoy these artists' work!

Rorschach Fanart Feature Part 1:…

Mature Content

The Martyr by Luthie13
  The Martyr  by :iconluthie13: Luthie13

Symmetry, symbolism, mathematics, and Rorschach's own words.  Read the artist's comments!

Rorschach Bust by initialaitch  Rorschach Bust by :iconinitialaitch: initialaitch

A 3D plasticine bust with incredible amounts of detail.  I think I could look at his cheekbones all day.

Watchmen by SaReeNavonShinnok  Watchmen by :iconsareenavonshinnok: SaReeNavonShinnok

Beautifully detailed portrait of the artist's favorite Watchmen characters.  I absolutely love Rorschach's pose, as well as those of the other characters.

Rorschach Again by AetheriumDreams  Rorschach Again by :iconaetheriumdreams: AetheriumDreams

This one makes me wish I could color...

  Manual Film Scan test 1 by :iconvonhollde: VonHollde

A cosplay photo with some excellent character work done to make it look old.  It makes me think of an old newspaper clipping of Rorschach, back before the Keene Act.

Rorschach by sunmi-e  Rorschach by :iconsunmi-e: sunmi-e

Crosshatch!  I love ink drawings - probably because I'm so hesitant in my own work...

Watchmen: Rorschach by jokeraddict0  Watchmen: Rorschach  by :iconjokeraddict0: jokeraddict0

An excellent graphite rendition of one of the more well-known publicity photos.  I especially like the details in the leather.

rorschach by sovy09  rorschach by :iconsovy09: sovy09

I seem to have a thing for depictions of Rorschach sitting.  Maybe it's that it makes him somehow more "approachable", I dunno...

beanz by sovy09  beanz  by :iconsovy09: sovy09

It's cute, and funny, and I'm sure Rorschach would kill me for even thinking of liking it.  :paranoid:

Rorschach-2 by AAA968  Rorschach-2 by :iconaaa968: AAA968

It says it's Digital Art, but looks like watercolor and ink.  Either way, the lines and shading are beautiful.

...and a bonus piece, gifted to me for my birthday last year:

Happy Birthday W42 by initialaitch  Happy Birthday W42 by :iconinitialaitch: initialaitch
It made me giggle and I loff it.  :love:

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initialaitch Featured By Owner May 11, 2011
Niiiiice :)
This is great. On dA, I find things that I want to fave by looking though other people's faves on the same theme! Good stuff!
FugueState Featured By Owner May 11, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Hee, I do that too!
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May 8, 2011