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Oh, fandom. Not cool.

Journal Entry: Fri May 10, 2013, 3:31 PM

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I sincerely hope that this isn't a widespread problem, but I fear that it is.  Anyone attending a convention, and particularly any cosplayers, should read this and boost the signal as much as possible.

As a fan, as someone who has attended conventions, as a cosplayer, and as someone who has worked in the hotel industry, I can only add my own YES THIS OMFG to the thoughts below.  

(original source: flyingcatnall on Tumblr)

Please, don't make fandom look bad.

I never post on Tumblr, so I'm hoping my few followers can help me get this word out by reblogging…

I work for a hotel that hosts a major US con every year. I love anime and I go to cons myself, but I am going to be blunt about some of the problems we have and how we deal with them. I don't know why people lose common sense when attending cons. I realize that most con-goers are young, and probably haven't traveled alone before. They're also really excited to go to a con and to see people they've only chatted with on line.

But…things have gotten out of hand.

So, please…read this list of Bad Behaviors that I've seen over the past three years and please…don't do them!

1. Completely Trashing Rooms. I have part of the team that has to take pictures of the damages left behind after a con. We will bill you. Sometimes, we won't even tell you. We'll just charge it on your credit or debit card. Again, the tiny print in the contract allows us to do this. We take pictures in case you try and dispute the charge with the credit card.

2. Being a Homeless Congoer. These are the people who don't have a room but figure they can sleep in the lobby, stairwell, hallways, whatever. We're on to you. We will remove you from the premises. If you are underage, we will still call the police.

3. Being Unable to Pay for Your Room or Food. These are the people who usually make arrangements for rooms with online friends. One friend books the room on a credit card, but when it comes time to settle the bill and the so-called friends are asked to pay their share in cash or come up their own credit card to split…there's suddenly no money. I feel bad for the person who booked the room, and I'm sorry that you're not going to make rent, or that your mom is sick, or that you're a poor college student or whatever. Please don't stand in the lobby and cry or try to offer me "free art commissions" or the horns off your Homestuck costume. My hotel does not accept those as payment.

4. Having Noise Complaints Lodged Against You. So, that little gathering you decided to have in your room is getting pretty loud and despite two phone calls from the desk asking you to quiet down, you refuse to do so. Guess what, the hotel management is throwing you out. We'll have our security guards tell you and then the police will escort you from the premises. No, you will not get a refund. No, we don't care you have nowhere to go. Maybe those two phone calls should've clued you into the problems you were causing.

5. Acting Like You Own the Hotel. These are the people who think that since they paid X dollars for their con badge and Y dollars for the room they are entitled to do whatever and whenever they want. Here are some of the most ridiculous (and this is by far not an inclusive list):

   a. Taking their clothes off and running down the hall
   b. Wearing full Homestuck body paint and jumping in the pool and hot tubs.
   c. Screaming "KAWAII!" at random people
   d. Camping out in the hotel restaurant and not ordering anything
   e. Running through a wedding reception in different a ballroom while shouting "HETALIA!!!"
   f. Smashing a brand new TV in one of the rooms
   g. Sex in the lobby. While in cosplay.
   h. Setting up an "art table" in the middle of the lobby. (She didn't get an artist alley table and was mad about it…
   i. Pulling the fire alarm at 3AM and forcing an evacuation (This person was prosecuted. We caught them on tape)
   k. A cosplay-photo shoot that went out of control with photographers physically fighting with each other…in the lobby.

   One more note: Our manager is really upset about the amount of clean-up required after the Homestuck cosplayers we had last year. Bathrooms and bathtubs were covered in gray body paint, and the pool and hot tubs had to be drained and cleaned because some of them thought that would be a quick way to get it off. Manager is thinking of putting in the contract with the con that they have to ban Homestuck cosplay to prevent this in the future.

   So, as a Homestuck, I beg you! Please, please, don't do this! Clean up after yourself!

Also, adding helpful hints from slipstreamborne on Tumblr:

As someone who's worn plenty of body-paint intensive costumes, I highly advise bringing your own washrags to use (or better yet, a bunch of makeup remover cleansing towlettes, Neutragena brand works great) instead of ruining the hotel towels scrubbing your makeup off.  Also pack a bunch of paper towels and maybe a small spritzer of mufti-surface cleanser (obviously don't spray it on anything it's not designed for) in your con kit and wipe down any surfaces you get makeup on while they're still wet and bundle up the wet paper towels in trashbags so it's easier for you or housekeeping to dispose of them.  You don't want to make somebody's workday extra long and frustrating because they have to scrub off rings of body paint in dozens of bathrooms (yours included), and if you do leave a mess that you don't know how to clean up at least try and tip housekeeping for their troubles.

Also if you've got paint on your legs or arms on top of sealing its a good idea to go ahead and carry around a beach towel or some trash bags (easily wadded up into pockets and handbags) that you can lay out on any furniture before sitting down.  You don't want to be That Person at the con.

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ewigestudentin Featured By Owner May 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow. I returned from a con yesterday and I *hope* it was tamer. I mean, I don't know what other ppl did in their hotel rooms. Oh wait, I know - Ben Browder claimed John Barrowman had a druid ritual of sorts going on in his room around 4:30 in the morning, and it probably included a goat...
But I digress.
I have never worn a body-paint heavy costume so many of those issues are new to me. I will try to remember the tips and tricks provided for the time I do decide to paint my butt gray, or something :)
saniika Featured By Owner May 11, 2013  Professional General Artist
I was part of organization team on some cons giving lectures or organizing contests, but I got to see and hear about from other fellow organizers what is happening sometimes...
I do not think this is a case of fandom, but more a case of people being so irresponsible and arrogant in the first place. But I am thinking lately if the events (like cons and concerts etc..) pull
the trigger for the socially unacceptable behavior - something you would not do under normal circumstances.

I also wonder how many of the delinquent, were off age. Do cons/hotels not have some sort of policy like that?
FugueState Featured By Owner May 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I would agree that it's probably a few ("few" being a relative term, considering how many thousands of fans there are) ruining the experience for everyone else. The problem is, an obnoxious few can end up being seen as representatives for the quieter, more well-behaved whole unless that whole turns around and speaks up and puts a stop to that behavior. I think there are a lot of younger fans out there who get really excited and carried away, and I also think there are a lot of fans with money out there who think their purchase somehow entitles them to become exceptions to rules. I also think that there are a lot of people in fandom who have been exposed to bullying, who have had to keep quiet and hide the things they love, who are suddenly put into an environment where they're allowed to enjoy themselves, and some of them let the experience warp into a "revenge" of sorts where they decide they don't have to be quiet victims anymore.

In the meantime, regardless of the reasons for this behavior, hotels and other venues are trying to run a business and take care of all their guests, not just the ones attending a con. It's up to the fandom community to make sure these few idiots don't get them all kicked out of one of the few outlets they have.
v-for-vincent Featured By Owner May 10, 2013  Professional General Artist
Wow :wow:

And this really goes on at conventions?
No wonder hotels and resorts are thinking twice about hosting :(

As usual, one rotten apple ruins the barrel, but it sounds like there's a lot of rotten apples.

FugueState Featured By Owner May 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I have (fortunately!) not personally seen such things, but I imagine it would be more likely at larger venues that have such events with more frequency - familiarity breeding contempt, and all...
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