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This is the little corner of the Universe I've staked out for my illustrations of :iconpeahopeless:'s writings.   They began as a hobby to give myself something to do when Real Life(tm) isn't eating up my time, but they grew into something much more substantial.

For anyone interested in such things, I work primarily with pastel pencils on charcoal paper, occasionally with No. 2 pencil on sketch paper, and when I'm feeling especially masochistic I delve into ink using the most ghetto-fabulous method at hand to remind myself why I don't work with ink.  I  touch up and add lighting effects to my work in Photoshop, and the day dA offers "Traditional Drawing: Mixed Media" as a Deviation Category, I shall celebrate.

I appreciate comments, although I will readily admit that my communication habits are less than ideal.   My time is often monopolized by work or other pursuits, so if I don't respond, please accept my apologies.  It's not personal and I truly appreciate it when someone takes the time to comment.

And now, on with the motley...

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Submitted on
October 29, 2006