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Happy Birthday to JEH by FugueState Happy Birthday to JEH :iconfuguestate:FugueState 18 19
Captcha fic 7
- drive repealed -
Of course it was the little Roche girl who broke the stalemate. The police riots had been ugly, fueling the fire against vigilantes and getting the Keene Act pushed through Congress, but there had still been resistance here and there. Even the news media, who'd been all too eager to focus on the lawlessness caused by NYPD's absence, couldn't keep an entirely confident tone when they quoted Senator Keene's assurances that "America has spoken, and we are listening."
Her parents didn't want her to get involved. She was only eight years old, after all, and she still awoke screaming from nightmares. But once her school showed the Senate's PSA in her class, there was no stopping her.
Every day she could be seen on her street corner - A childish likeness of Rorschach dominated a posterboard sign that she brandished like a shield which proclaimed in large, careful block letters, "Bring him back."
People still remembered what happened. No one laughed, or tried to stop her - n
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Captcha fic 6
- huskier to -
"Always. It feels like always."
The blood is slowing, but the coppery fear-taste is still burning the back of his throat and he can't stop pressing his fingers to the pulse at his partner's neck to make sure it's still there.
"I couldn't tell you. I didn't know if -"
They have close calls all the time. Just last week there was that katiehead with a gun... They risk their lives and think nothing of it, just concentrating on the takedown. They could have been killed any number of times by now.
"Can you hear me?"
He's fighting tears, and it makes him angry. They can't go to a hospital. All this work they do, all this work...
"I wasn't honest with you. With myself. I'm sorry."
Breaths flutter against his ear.
"I'm sorry. I love you. I'm sorry."
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Captcha fic 5
- new engulfed -
He can't breathe.  Can't convince his lungs to fill, or to release.  Air shudders in the in-between of his muscles' indecision, finally sobbing out of him in a rush while his fingers twitch in confusion, wanting to clench, wanting to latch onto something but (afraid) uncertain as to what, or where.
No one has ever...
Eyes hold him, pin him in place as he teeters on the edge of standing, falling, as his mind stutters to a halt at the simple, unexpected sensation of hands reaching past layers of (defenses) fabric to skate the gentlest of fingers down his sides.
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Captcha fic 4
- illness chides -
It's his own fault, and he knows it.
Dan caught the bug last week and Rorschach had still pushed him to patrol. Criminals don't care if you're sick. They won't slack off just because you're not feeling well. Dan had done his best, suppressing coughs and snuffles through stakeouts and breathing through his mouth when his nose got too stopped up.
It made him a little slower and frayed his temper to a point that he may have used more force than was his wont, but that was all right. The reek of menthol and the litter of kleenex on Archie's floor became just another testament to Nite Owl's dedication.
He wasn't sympathetic toward his partner through any of it, because that wasn't what Nite Owl needed. What he needed was to stay strong, to not let his guard down, and to know that his partner still had his back as they went out every night.
Now he suppresses yet another sneeze and is at least thankful his nose hasn't started running (yet). His throat alternates between burn
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Captcha fic 3
- the doorways -
"Geddown, kid!"  A shotgun blast comes from in front of him and the thug he hadn't seen behind him goes down when the rubber bullet takes him high in the chest.  He rolls, getting a brief glimpse of the Comedian's combat-cheerful face and dives to
gather up the impossibly small life into his arms even though his hands - the ones that can manipulate the tiniest circuits with ease - feel far too large and clumsy for something so fragile and he's scared half to death.  Laurie smiles up at him in exhausted triumph, and she's never looked so
crushingly dull, but this is what his father  wanted and he's good at it.  This bank was his father's legacy to him, and the best chance he'd have at a solid career for supporting a family someday, so he runs it now with the utmost
anxiety after hearing his friend's reaction.  He doesn't know anything at all about this character, and a comic book movie?  God, this cou
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Captcha fic 2
- commuter Mr -
She sees them all, depending on the day.
Midnight to three there are the drunks who don't want to go home yet. The happy drunks are all right, but they don't often have much money left by then. The angry ones, the ones dumped by girlfriends or the losers of fights - they're the worst. She counts herself lucky if the marks fade quickly.
Two to six is when the truckers come by on their way to pick up or drop off whatever. Sometimes all they want is someone to talk to, a pathetic substitute for the wife left behind. Other times she feels like G-18 on some travel bingo card. Lots of them have speed, though, which is a nice bonus.
From seven to eleven she can maybe get some sleep. Or eat. Both, if she's feeling ambitious.
Lunch hour onward is busy. The white collars typically start things off, sneaking off for their "meetings" and "appointments". The blue collars come later, wanting a pick-me-up before going out with the guys, or back to the ball and chain at home. Then come
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Captcha fic 1
- birth minutia -
"What? What did I do?"
Daniel is following him down the stairs, past the Owlship, catches up with him in the tunnel.
"Please, Rorschach, I don't understand what's made you so upset?"
The distress is genuine; he can hear it. He stops, but does not turn around. Daniel is wise and does not touch him.
"Prying, Daniel. Multiple times now."
"Because I asked you where you're from?" Bewilderment now, layered on top of the distress. Either he truly doesn't understand or he is much better at lying than he seemed to be.
"And eye color. And family. And habits." It's obvious their partnership can't continue.
Wh-- Rorschach, that wasn't prying, I was just... trying to get to know you, just a little! You're my partner, we watch each other's backs - and hell, I like you! You're my friend, that's what friends do!"
A small sliver of doubt slips in and his step falters. Daniel's voice is still ringing true.
'That's what friends do'.
...He wouldn't know.
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'Next.' lineart by FugueState 'Next.' lineart :iconfuguestate:FugueState 35 26
'Tis the Season
There'd been no argument from either Rorschach or Nite Owl about patrolling on Christmas Eve; they both knew how petty criminals and scam artists loved to victimize the harried shoppers and moon-eyed tourists who flooded the streets at this time of year.  They'd even started before the sun was fully set, taking Archie up to wheel slowly over the busier districts.  Against his usual modus operandi, Rorschach suggested heading toward the more metropolitan areas with their upscale shops and glittering displays.  Much as he hated the rampant waste and hypocrisy that pervaded those places during the holiday season, he knew they'd be their best hunting grounds.  
"It really is too bad," Nite Owl sighed wistfully as they banked toward another cluster of multicolored illumination.
Rorschach turned his gaze away from the streets.  "What is?"
His partner shrugged, a bit self-conscious.  "It's just so pretty down there - and every
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- Halloween is for Masks -
'Halloween is for Masks'
"My shoe's untied!"
"Tommy's hitting me with his sword!"
"Hey, that's my candy bar!"
"My cape keeps falling off!"
Three pirates, a princess, two cowboys, a cat, a couple of ballerinas, a vampire and what was either a dog or a spider were gathered in a loose knot around Rorschach, who stared from one to the next with arms raised cautiously out of their reach while they grabbed at him for attention.
It had all seemed so simple just minutes ago - a small group of children, giddy with the late hour and the sense of adventure afforded by their costumes, had nearly stumbled out in front of a car. He reached them just in time, nearly getting hit himself before facing off with the careless motorist. The driver had been poised to deliver a stream of verbal abuse until he'd taken a good look at the shifting inkblot face and clenched fists before him, at which point he thought better of it.
After the vehicle slunk away, Rorschach considered his job done. He'
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Make Me Real by FugueState Make Me Real :iconfuguestate:FugueState 43 14
Mature content
Restitution :iconfuguestate:FugueState 26 35
Rorschach by FugueState Rorschach :iconfuguestate:FugueState 155 69
Male in front of chemist's shop at Regent and Beak.
One male one female, on foot at West entrance of New Hyde Park.
Emergency, assault at Spurgeon Street; three male subjects, armed, beating a male and female; notify nearest patrol unit.
Robbery in progress, residence 3368 Langton Gate; two subjects seen; notify nearest patrol unit.
Two females on foot near Southwark Bridge, South.
One male, green bicycle, Prince Albert Road near St. George statue.
Finch's back ached where he sat before the array of security monitors.  The dull throbbing had begun over an hour ago, and still he sat.  His eyes burned from the glare of the screens in the surrounding darkness and his tongue was beginning to stick to the roof of his mouth from thirst, but his vigil remained unbroken.
The Eye and Ear of Norsefire had been severed for some little time now, but that didn't mean the information stopped flowing.  Quite the contrary; in the Shadow Gallery everythin
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The first time, Evey awoke to complete blackness and the foreboding sense of someone else in the room with her.  She froze, straining to hear past the thundering of her pulse, but the silence was absolute.
There had always been at least some light in the Shadow Gallery, somewhere - V always took care to ensure she would never be lost in the dark.   But now there wasn't a flicker of illumination to be seen.  The darkness thickened around her with each passing second, swallowing every sound and threatening to suffocate her.
A faint sigh broke the silence.  V, her mind said, and the uncontrollable shuddering that threatened her small frame subsided.  She clambered hopefully to a sitting position on the bed.
V?  What's happened?
But instead of approaching her, he retreated.  She could feel it in the expansion of the silence around her.  Her fear, alleviated somewhat by V's presence, returned with a
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Mature content
Midnight :iconfuguestate:FugueState 2 7
She stays in the Gallery.  She knows she could leave; he wouldn't stop her.  She could return to the world above, heal, perhaps live for a time, and die there.  She doesn't fear this inevitability, but she does recognize the uselessness of it.  There is nothing for her in that world.  There hasn't been for some time.  Here, she has herself – someone previously unknown whom she can nurture and discover in this in-between place.  There is nothing to fear here; she's been shown that.  This place will be whatever she makes of it.
And so she stays.
He wakes, rises, goes through the motions of his morning ablutions and is halfway to the dressing area before he remembers - she is free.  He doesn't have to do this anymore.
His hand flies to the wall to steady himself and he nearly weeps for joy.
She barely ever sees him.  The Gallery is silent except for her footsteps as she wand
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Mature content
Mending, part IV :iconfuguestate:FugueState 10 21
A Great Abundance Of Roses by FugueState A Great Abundance Of Roses :iconfuguestate:FugueState 112 57
[sequel to "Awaken".  See comments for link.]
She rounded the corner into the main room and saw him sitting in a chair, in profile to her.  He looked the same as she'd seen him countless times before.
"Before"… Never in her life had one word been so charged.  
He stirred slightly at her approach.  Rising, he turned to face her, tilting his head in solemn greeting.  
She was unprepared for the intensity of emotion that hit when his familiar smiling visage faced her directly.  Waves of loathing, even rage, warred with simple hurt at what he'd done to her.  She felt her lips pull back from her teeth as she looked at him and conjured an image of simply tearing him to pieces with her bare hands.  
The feel of paper crinkling in her hand made her look down.  She didn't remember having picked up Valerie's letter when leaving her room.  The thought of nearly having damaged it dissipa
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In the end, a warehouse had to be used.  A sports arena might have sufficed for so many people, or a concert hall, but those had long since gone and no large public venues had yet been reconstructed.  Any number of churches were suggested, of course, but aside from the overwhelming number of people to accomodate, there was the inevitable issue of associations with Norsefire that made such an avenue less than ideal.  Thus, a large section of an industrial park had been carefully converted for this event.
It was late at night and throngs of people filled the area, guided by volunteers.  It had snowed earlier, but now the sky was clear.  A half-moon shone down, and there was enough of a breeze to make one eager to be indoors.  Lights and signs showed the way toward one central building where a low hum of hushed voices and shuffling feet could be heard.  Within, people slowly and steadily settled into rows and waited.
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Inspired by FugueState Inspired :iconfuguestate:FugueState 236 66
Mending, part III
part I:
part II:
Evey sighed and shifted, waking slowly.  She'd slept longer than she'd expected. Eric must have decided to let her rest - he was always trying to do that.  It had been a while since she'd eaten, and she was hungry now.  There were still leftovers from yesterday, she mused... she could have that, and then they'd need to change V's banda--
The memory of his waking slammed into her at once and her eyes flew open in astonishment to meet his.
* * * * *
V was watching her from his side of the bed.  Having awakened some time ago, he'd been studying her as she slept.  In spite of his continued discomfort at being without his normal defenses, he couldn't deny that he wanted her near.  Sheltered by the dimness around them he'd asked her, haltingly, to stay, and she'd just as hesitantly
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