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XVIII.  The Moon by FugueState XVIII. The Moon :iconfuguestate:FugueState 11 2 XVII.  The Star by FugueState XVII. The Star :iconfuguestate:FugueState 10 2
XVI.  The Tower by FugueState XVI. The Tower :iconfuguestate:FugueState 13 5 XV.  The Devil by FugueState XV. The Devil :iconfuguestate:FugueState 13 10 XIV.  Temperance by FugueState XIV. Temperance :iconfuguestate:FugueState 10 2 XIII.  Death by FugueState XIII. Death :iconfuguestate:FugueState 23 6 XII. The Hanged Man by FugueState XII. The Hanged Man :iconfuguestate:FugueState 11 5 XI. Justice by FugueState XI. Justice :iconfuguestate:FugueState 9 7 X. The Wheel of Fortune by FugueState X. The Wheel of Fortune :iconfuguestate:FugueState 15 3 IX. The Hermit by FugueState IX. The Hermit :iconfuguestate:FugueState 11 2 VIII. Strength by FugueState VIII. Strength :iconfuguestate:FugueState 13 9 VII. The Chariot by FugueState VII. The Chariot :iconfuguestate:FugueState 11 1 VI. The Lovers by FugueState VI. The Lovers :iconfuguestate:FugueState 16 4 V. The Hierophant by FugueState V. The Hierophant :iconfuguestate:FugueState 17 13 IV. The Emperor by FugueState IV. The Emperor :iconfuguestate:FugueState 10 2 III. The Empress by FugueState III. The Empress :iconfuguestate:FugueState 20 3 II. The High Priestess by FugueState II. The High Priestess :iconfuguestate:FugueState 13 2 I. The Magician by FugueState I. The Magician :iconfuguestate:FugueState 44 17 0. The Fool by FugueState 0. The Fool :iconfuguestate:FugueState 10 9 Halloween 2008 by FugueState Halloween 2008 :iconfuguestate:FugueState 71 48
He leans down to the sofa, touching her shoulder.
She awakens violently. Her voice rips apart the silence, her arm winging in an arc that cracks against the side of his head.
The stinging impact brings her fully awake and she rises to see him hunched away from her, one hand raised between her and the mask. She sits, breathing, feeling the shout still in her throat. She watches him.
He moves, straightening from his awkward pose. He takes a step away to face her, murmuring distantly polite apology.
She watches him.
He takes his leave, sketching a small bow out of habit and disappearing down the corridor.
She looks down, seeing the blood on the floor where he stood. Her eyes follow the shining drops marking his departure on the flagstones.
She does not apologise.
...He never wanted her to.
:iconfuguestate:FugueState 5 10
AU:  Communion by FugueState AU: Communion :iconfuguestate:FugueState 57 9
"You should let yourself rest... you haven't slept in over a day."
Eric Finch looked with mild disapproval at the untouched sandwich on the dresser near Evey.  Her vigil over the fallen V hadn't ended since they'd returned from Evey's address - as V - to the people of London.  It had been hours.  
He regarded the young woman who'd talked him into treason, set loose the explosives that destroyed Parliament, and nearly single-handedly averted one of the worst riots London had ever known.  She looked so fragile and unraveled here in the half-light, still wearing the remnants of the vigilante's "uniform"; it was amazing she hadn't collapsed already.
Evey looked up into Finch's concerned expression.  Huge dark smudges lurked beneath her eyes and her already-ill-fitting clothes were even more rumpled from having been worn too long.  "He might wake up again."  She glanced over to V, lying motionless and silent once a
:iconfuguestate:FugueState 14 7

Forgive me.
There was no way to ask your permission, or to prepare you.  It wasn't something I wanted to do.  There was no other option.
I did understand what you were trying to tell me - please believe this.  I knew the face I was revealing would no more be the man I knew than the mask that covered it.  I only wish it could have been by your choice.
It's so strange.  We had to take away everything to get to your wounds... the mask, the wig - I never thought of it as a wig, did you know that? - the gauntlets that you so hastily put back on that first morning...
We had to peel away all of it, leaving behind a stranger in your place.  Someone silent and bleeding who looked more dead than alive, staining my sheets red.
This body I tend isn't you.  It's just something you've left in my care until you come back.  It's something of yours, so I cherish it.  I try to care for it the way I've
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Killjoy97x Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Man, your gallery is simply stunning, I specially adore the drawings, you're a master at setting the atmosphere :o (Eek) 
Rockmantic2227 Featured By Owner May 27, 2012
I love your pictures about V.
I love V. he is Unique.
FugueState Featured By Owner May 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! :)
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