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XVIII.  The Moon by FugueState XVIII.  The Moon by FugueState
- Part of the V for Vendetta Tarot project -


The moon can be about disquiet, dread, and deception, but it is also about dreams, instinct, creativity, and psychic energy. Truth is falsehood. Reality is illusion. Nothing is real. Sometimes the only way out of a problem is to go through it, finding a new perspective on the other side which will make you a stronger, happier person. There is much to be learned here; if one can survive the perils and cope with the contradictions inherent therein.
Reversed: negatively this card stands for lack of progress because of deep-rooted fears and anxieties. It tells of failure of nerve, and also warns of lies and deceit. It can show that one's vulnerabilities are outward and apparent and need to be concealed more discreetly.


[Disclaimers: This project is intended as an homage to "V for Vendetta". No disrespect of it or the Tarot is intended. (I'm not saying I got them all "right", but I gave it my best shot! ^^;) I claim no ownership of V for Vendetta or the characters thereof.]

Tarot References:

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TsarevnaDuh Featured By Owner May 14, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
18 - The Road. The ability to anticipate. Either the lack of intuition.
alma-chan Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2008   Digital Artist
awwso romantic at least to me hehe
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