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- the doorways -

"Geddown, kid!"  A shotgun blast comes from in front of him and the thug he hadn't seen behind him goes down when the rubber bullet takes him high in the chest.  He rolls, getting a brief glimpse of the Comedian's combat-cheerful face and dives to

gather up the impossibly small life into his arms even though his hands - the ones that can manipulate the tiniest circuits with ease - feel far too large and clumsy for something so fragile and he's scared half to death.  Laurie smiles up at him in exhausted triumph, and she's never looked so

crushingly dull, but this is what his father  wanted and he's good at it.  This bank was his father's legacy to him, and the best chance he'd have at a solid career for supporting a family someday, so he runs it now with the utmost

anxiety after hearing his friend's reaction.  He doesn't know anything at all about this character, and a comic book movie?  God, this could be great or this could be horrible, but either way this story's got some serious fans who will

burn the place down.  That's all he can think to do after they found what was left of that little girl in the stove, in the dogs' mouths.  He watches Rorschach hand the (monsterthingmonster) a hacksaw, sees the confusion cross the (thing)'s face and feels his own features stretch into a

delighted grin as she pulls back on the yoke and feels the airship climb effortlessly into the clouds and beyond.  She lets out a triumphant whoop to the stars shining above her and wonders for a moment if this is anything like how motherhood feels.   She pats the console with a loving hand - she's so proud of


He wakes with a violent start and looks into a familiar scowl made a bit deeper from concern. A strong hand offers a gentle touch to his shoulder.

"All right?"

"Yeah."  He takes a deep breath and rolls into the embrace that's offered while his heart slows.  He smiles as reality solidifies around him again and runs a hand through his love's hair in reassurance.  "Just - crazy dreams."
-Captcha Fic Series-

Purpose: Write a story/drabble/whatever using the two random words that pop up in a ReCaptcha security check.

(Example of ReCaptcha prompts here)
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May 21, 2010
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