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- birth minutia -

"What? What did I do?"

Daniel is following him down the stairs, past the Owlship, catches up with him in the tunnel.

"Please, Rorschach, I don't understand what's made you so upset?"

The distress is genuine; he can hear it. He stops, but does not turn around. Daniel is wise and does not touch him.

"Prying, Daniel. Multiple times now."

"Because I asked you where you're from?" Bewilderment now, layered on top of the distress. Either he truly doesn't understand or he is much better at lying than he seemed to be.

"And eye color. And family. And habits." It's obvious their partnership can't continue.

Wh-- Rorschach, that wasn't prying, I was just... trying to get to know you, just a little! You're my partner, we watch each other's backs - and hell, I like you! You're my friend, that's what friends do!"

A small sliver of doubt slips in and his step falters. Daniel's voice is still ringing true.

'That's what friends do'.

...He wouldn't know.
-Captcha Fic Series-

Purpose: Write a story/drabble/whatever using the two random words that pop up in a ReCaptcha security check.

(Example of ReCaptcha prompts here)
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