No Man's Sky

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May we all meet out there,
Amist skies unknown and stars yet unfound,
For they are open to us all indeed, they are "No Man's Sky"!
just a spur of the moment poem for No Man's Sky!
hope you all enjoy! :iconbowplz:
P.S. Fly safe out there friends and hope to see you out there,
somewhere on that horizon! :iconsunriseplz:
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thank you munch :iconbowplz:
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Very welcome :hug:
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I'm so excited for this game!!!
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i as well friend, should be VEEEEEERY interesting!
lol screenshot posts alone will probably brake PSN and social media! :rofl:
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cool beans, PC's good to, plus maybe mods at some points =D lol maybe even star trek or mass effect mods! :squee:
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i like it, Clap 
it made me think of this little thing :ponder: 

Infinite upon infinite,
we dare to go further,
further than our own eyes can see.
with no absence of fear
but with strength we share
.... ahh something something

HAha i didn't know what to put there after that. he:banana: 
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haha thats ok we'll call it a work in progress! ;) 
actually your poem reminds me of when i was a kid and first seriously thought about space being infinite.
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hehe very nice though, is it original?
either way i'll mul it over and see if i can offer any ideas! =D
i'm just glad that jerk that was trolling this poem has stoped. :iconfacepalmplz:
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ummm that is MY poem that i just created/posted like 5 minutes ago!
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uhh yeah mine too because A. i created it
B. your likely a troll to be trying this and
C. your an idiot if you think you can argue with the creator of a poem that its your poem less the a hour after they wrote it!
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i AM fugimoto you moron and you said a sec ago YOU made it wich is both a lie and a contradiction!
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