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HmmXP 2.0.1

VisualStyle 2.0.1

Blue, Green, Red and Dotted substyles in two Colorvariations.
New special substyle: Codename Whistler.

Both Mini and Normal Start Menu.

Normal Start Menu.

Very much...

Added Two new substyles: Red and Mono.
Change some margins in startpanel.
Added two new Wallpapers for the new styles.

Made the vertical taskbar looks a little better.

Change a color on the startpanel.
Change some margins that fixed the google toolbar bug.

Systray bug fixed

Fixed bug with QuickLaunch

© 2004 - 2021 Fugacious
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Timewarpshow's avatar
Wonderful theme!
This is the best theme I've seen so far. My only issue is that I can't change the font size of taskbar button text. In the standard Classic theme, it's the same size as title bar text. Do you know of a workaround?
I don't see the download link
blabmovies-1337's avatar
durr... it's right below the favorite button
yeah, no idea how I missed it.
This is the best theme i 've came across because it's cute and simple . Just like i want it ! I was looking for something like windows classic but with a nice modern touch and here it is , my search is over ;) . Thanks for this great theme .
Jamin34472's avatar
I love it, Its so clean! Any plans to port it to WindowBlinds perhaps? Or Does anyone know of a rather simple way to do that? I'm just starting out skinning[link]
nickbonetti's avatar
Great theme, its really hard to find a nice white theme. Thanks man good work!
This is a best theme that I have seen all the time! You are the best! I use this all the time!

You plan make a version with a black taskbar? I will appreciate very much!

Thanks and good work!
JustGage's avatar
Pretty crazy, I thought this theme would be ugly, but on the contrary it's awesome! love it. The simplisity really makes the content stick out and the chrome fade away.
The best theme ever been! I love it. I use this always with all variations!

Irockman1's avatar
Make a Vista version. ._.

I'm begging you. ._____.
Cr7NeTwOrK's avatar
dude it's great but i don't like compact menus...all great visual styles have the option to choose between them, and since this is a great skin i expect it to do the same ;)
How about a version for Vista? I don't care very much about all the transparency in Vista, so a "classic Vista" theme would be greatly appreciated ...
I love this VS. Is there anyway you can create a version with separated taskbar items? Thank you.
captainautilus's avatar
fizzly's avatar
Nice one, thanks!! ^_~
Jane-Air's avatar
So cute ! I love it !!!
clean -- melikes

Love to use this theme, but I'm new to them. I've downloaded and installed the theme in my Display Properties dlg, but I don't seem to be able to change or see any of the theme contents. Do I need /need to do something else?

Sorry to be a novice.
Superb VS! Have been using it for years on every machine I've ever used since! You're the first person to make me switch from the Windows Classic theme, stand proudly! ;)
This is the best VS that I have come across. I am using this for over a month now. I am wondering if you can broder the task bar items? If you don't want to release the bordered task-bar version of your theme, can you please make it for me, if it's not too difficult for you to do so? Please? Thank you.
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