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Plane trails brushes

I got the idea last week while watching a clear blue sky in Bretagne, France... I then took out my Nikon reflex and shot those trails... As the planes did not all look good after rendering, due to distance, I replaced 5 of them by plane brushes found on deviantArt. So now, if you have a beautiful landscape with a wonderful sky but you get the feeling that it looks a bit empty... just put a trail !

These brushes are free to use, no license, no fee ! Just leave me a note if you download and appreciate... because it is always cool to have some consideration for a work you just give to others for nothing...
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thank you very much guy! Much appreciated

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Great work, thank you for sharing with all of us!

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Nice one! Thanks so much. :-)
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Nice, thanks!
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Thanks, I'll use it on my Comic
thank you i need it
downloaded:) Thank you so much
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Super Cool thank you, so much! 
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Thanks will let you know if I use it. :)
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I downloaded this :D I needed this for finishing a page. Thank you very much :D
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downloaded your brushes!! were the only ones that were really what i neede :) thank you for that!
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Thanks a lot! This brush save my project!
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Thanks you make my day !
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I used this fantastic stock here:

Outlander by plutoplus1…

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they are Great!
I use here…
thank you very much!
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downloaded, going to try to use this in a watermark for my pics!
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Great brushes! Thanks for making them available. Used them in my deviation [link]
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... used your stock here [link] thanks very much ...
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Just downloaded. Thank for the awesome brushes!
Sorry But I don´t find how to download your brushes... I wanna use them for a proyect.. could you please help me?Thanks
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So cute :) will so definitely use these on day in a cutesy book cover XD and I'll link, credit back! The least you deserve for giving this away for free :3
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