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Angelika L N
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I'm a happy going woman that loves to be creative (and of course meet new people).

I'm from Sweden and I live with my three cats, my husband and our son. It has it's up and down - but I still and will always love my friends forever ;)


 @ItoeKobayashi tagged me. I'm almost following the rules :3

There's some Rules to this here game:
~You must post all the rules.
~Answer the 10 questions you have been asked.
~Then create 10 new questions for...
~10 people who you must LEGIT tag.

The Questions I Was Asked:

1) What is your go-to method for unwinding after a long, stressful day?

Curl up in my computer chair and either play a game or watch some movies/anime. Depends on how much I'm willing to use my brain :)

2) What position do you sleep in?

On my side almost on my tummy. And sometimes I wake up on my back 0.0

3) A magical fairy appears and tells you she'll summon one material object for you to have, with the exception you can never sell, trade, or give it away. What do you ask her for?

I am a bit vain about my hair. So I'd probably choose a hairbrush :3

4) The ultimate muse has appeared before you and granted you an incredible power to create one piece of art exactly as you envision it. What would you choose as your masterpiece? (Any form of art will do, including a single performance or media)

A dragon in inc! I used to have this dream to become a really good artist at drawing dragons. I still like to draw dragons. But I'm not that obsessed by it anymore. :)

5) What's an old game from your childhood that you'd play again if you had the chance?

Rockfall! I remember that I used to love playing that game on our old Atari computer when I was young. :)

6) Describe the ultimate day off to stay home and spoil yourself from start to finish.

To wake up without disturbance, hide a while in the bathroom and then proceed to the kitchen for breakfast. The rest of the day just play games/watch movies/draw or be creative in any way. And to eat easily made food I just put in the microwave or something like that.
I don't need much maintenance.

7) If you make characters, tell us about your most cringe-worthy Mary Sue of old. If you don't, come up with one now for a laugh!

I'm confused. My most perfect OC? My OCs are never perfect, which makes them perfect in my world :3 But I'm still confused. 0.0

Help? And I can update my answer x)

8) What is the perfect breakfast? (I'm gonna get hungry reading all your answers, lol)

For me it's a bowl of wholemeal cereal in milk and a big glass of water by the side.

9) Name a song or two that always get your imagination going.

Songs I love! Anything from Dragon Age the Inquisition, Disney or pop :3

Number 1 favorite from Dragon Age (The Dawn Will come):

I love how it makes me shiver x)

10) Name a couple of people who inspire you to create.

The ones I watch here on DA but mainly, some highlights:

:iconairaayart: – because he is a cool dude and my twin from a different country and year :P ,

:iconttsnim: – I like her drawing style,

:iconstressedjenny: -Likes her comic Mias&Elle,

:iconmegsyv: – Likes her comic Daughter of the Lilies and

:iconverticalfish: – Likes his comics :3

I'm tagging these peeps:
:iconairaayart:, :iconotaku-gunso:, :iconmasoncorps:, :iconammeranda: and who ever feels like they are up to it as I'm a anti-social social person that don't like to be seen, but likes to show off xD

And now, YOUR Questions!

1. What is your favorite food?
2. If you could be an animal, what would it be and why?
3. Favorite movie/anime?
4. What kind of stories do you like?
5. What is your native language?
6. When not in your cozy home, what do you like to do?
7. A place/Places you would like to visit in the world?
8. If you got a job, what is it?
9. Favorite Comic/manga? :3
10. What do you want other to know about you? :D

Bonus question: Did I do good?

Låt det bära eller brista!

  • Listening to: random music
  • Watching: the internet
  • Eating: random stuff
  • Drinking: pepsi max


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TTSnim Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
Happy Birthday!Minecraft cake (Pixel art) birthday cake Birthday Cake 
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Happy B-day :la:
I wish you all the best :meow:
tubi4 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2018
Ayyy Happy B-day :la:
I wish you all the best that could be wished :dummy:
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thank you! :)
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Welcome :D
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What in the world was I not watching you? I'm a bad friend! SORRY! *Is watching you now!
Fuffe-Tuff Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Having much to do and other things to think about can make some simple things be forgotten. (I know I have that problem).
There is no worries. I'm not offended ;)

ItoeKobayashi Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2015  Professional General Artist
Thanks for the support! P.S. I just went through all your stuff because it's awesome! Sorry for the spam-wall of comments and faves! (Not actually sorry XD)
Fuffe-Tuff Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hehehe. No worries and thanks to you too ^^

*feels a bit better about my art* :D
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