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Romantic Demon by lockstock, Della Stock


Romantic Demon by lockstock, Della Stock Thanks to a: lockstock-Stock :iconlockstock: and Della-Stock :icondella-stock:

Stock Model :iconlockstock: lockstock
nude 74 [link]
nude 71 [link]
Hooves by :icondella-stock: Della-Stock
deer hooves: [link]

I hope you liked is a puzle girl with two images and make up

Thanks to
horns by
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2000x5131px 4.58 MB
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10/200 second
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6 mm
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Date Taken
Nov 30, 1999, 12:00:00 AM
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Impact is high here because of all that is unexpected--everything from the hooves to the details of the horns (literally from toe to head). I noted your comment about melancholy and there may be truth in trying to capture that sense of loss (which is how I gloss "melancholy.")

Some nitpicking: I would take some of the shine off the front hoof. Looks like she has had some "hooficure" which does not seem consistent with the succubus motif.

The horns would benefit from a slight adjustment up and back-not a major move, but something that might create a greater sense of "organic."

Bring a little more color into her lips--not much-just a little redder. The succubus seduced men in their sleep and her mouth needs to suggest this aspect of the lore.

I don't mean to be indelicate, but if she had less hair-ummm below (if you know what I mean), it would add dramatically to the image. Once more, this would play well to the lore of the succubus.

A touch of color from the "borrowed" arm would be helpful to bring everything together. Because this arm is lighter than the body, it suggests that something is amiss.

I think you are right to keep this image in a semi-classic pose/setting. Both work (e.g. the draperies of the background and the model's pose) to create a timelessness to this image. . .and a succubus is immortal, isn't she??

Wonderful and evocative start, but consider some of these suggestions.