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Mermaids and dauphines Sinned-angel and Rapid-Star


Mermaids and dauphines by Sinned-angel-stock :iconsinned-angel-stock: and rapid-star :iconrapid-star:…
Mom goes swimming with her daughters
An original idea proposed by lasserine :iconlasserine:

Although the original idea was a mermaid out of water. To do this I try many variations. jumps out of the water, lying ... and when I see something interesting continuous with it. There are several tests dauphiness siren and this is one of them. Hope you like it ^ ^

Thanks to a:
Sinned-angel-stock :iconsinned-angel-stock:
rapid-star :iconrapid-star:

Stock Model
Sinned-angel-stock :iconsinned-angel-stock:
Ariel "cosplay" photographe by Pheonixtiberius :iconpheonixtiberius:

top left: sinned-angel-stock.deviantart.…
top right: sinned-angel-stock.deviantart.…
Three mermaids version:

Background and dauphines:
rapid-star :iconrapid-star:…

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I love this picture. Don't get me wrong. I just feel like, the dorsal fin should be between the shoulder blades and the arms where the flippers are. Perhaps web the hands. This is just an opinion, and perhaps something I will tackle myself. Have a great day! and again, great work! :D
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Awe, the dolphin is taking its mermaids out for a swim! 
Cowboys281's avatar
Love the dolphin attachment
Eskoplja's avatar
Gorgeous work :love:
chryssalis's avatar
I love this!!:clap::love:                     
FueledbypartII's avatar
Thanks ^^ :hug:
I glad you like. It is an honour for me ^^
FreshwaterMermaid's avatar
So well done! Love it!
FueledbypartII's avatar
thanks I glad you like ^^
dashinvaine's avatar
Very well done. Flawless and seamless bit of photomanippery.
FueledbypartII's avatar
Thanks ^^ Is very difficult make the color correction ^^
MensjeDeZeemeermin's avatar
I don't usually like photo-manips this much, but you really did a very good job, here, the blends are seamless, the expressions and consistency of color quite striking, and it works really very well indeed.  A favorite!
dashinvaine's avatar
I agree, I also don't normally like photo-manips, but this one is incredible.
MensjeDeZeemeermin's avatar
Stunning, the more so each time I look at it.
FueledbypartII's avatar
Thanks! ^^
I glad you like!
I wanted a natural scene of a fantastic creatures, my objetive is that not looks fake or too much subreal
Thanks for fave and appreciate it! You make me very happy ^^
MensjeDeZeemeermin's avatar
Thank you for creating and sharing that lovely picture.
Altair-E's avatar
I love this style too, superbly well done, great my friend! :clap:
FueledbypartII's avatar
Thanks ^^

A little softness is good from time to time ^ ^
I needed to do something like this ^ ^
Altair-E's avatar
And it's successful, this style fits you like a glove. wink 
TaintedAndWinged208's avatar
The manip flows so well together. Great work!
FueledbypartII's avatar
You've made me very happy ^ ^
I trying to do something fantastic without crossing "the uncanny valley" ^ ^
I glad you like ^ ^
lasserine's avatar
Thank you for making this.  Came out great.
FueledbypartII's avatar
Thanks ^^ Iglad you like ^^
NICELabs's avatar
Lovely work and I like going the dolphin route for the mermaids :)
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