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Avengers Assemble

avengers assemble
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The Soldier
the Knight
the God
the Spy
the Giant
the Pixie
the King
the Ghost
and the Archer
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Awwww, how awesome! And this lineup may actually come up in the movies...
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I love it !
I have a friend over todsy and she is asking if you can sell this a a print since its a screen shot and not your work.
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I can't wait to see the movie
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WOW! This is truly awesome. I can't even find words to describe everything that's great about this, but let me try.

I love the style. It's such an epic feeling, like this is a painting I could hang up on my wall or something, with that tint and background that makes it seem stylized and almost like a collection of statues or a posed piece of artwork, rather than a snapshot drawing.

I love the poses — Cap with the shield up, Iron Man with his hands on his hips, Thor all powerful and divine-looking, Hank looming over them, everyone with their folded arms and chins up and statuesque poses — it's like they're gathered there for a portrait photo (kinda reminds me of that Minutemen scene in the intro to the Watchmen movie).

I love the classic, old-school feel and design of the characters. It makes me feel like this is a real event that happened sometime way back in the actual continuity of the team, rather than just a painting from imagination. You could just imagine them all going to the statue of liberty to get their photo taken, or they posed for someone to paint them, and the picture has aged and yellowed since the '60s. Plus, the nostalgia factor is just beautiful and brings a smile to my face.

And lastly, I love your artwork — your linework, your coloring, your lighting, your design and perspective, your character models and their anatomy, clothing, and faces. The stylized background and character designs are perfect. Everything flows smoothly and looks striking and natural. It's all super professional and amazing and a real pleasure to look at. Again — this is something I'd totally love to hang on my wall.
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don't give me all the credit these are simply some screenshots from next avengers i saw lots of people use screenshots as art so i did the same since its not avalible here yet
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Ah well, it's still put together really well and looks fantastic, so you definitely get some credit for that!
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