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Yvette Caseretti

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Partnered with: Cadenza Maw Threnton

Name: Yvette Caseretti

Species:  Feligrantae

Gender: Female

Age: 30 Solar Rotations, about 21 human years

Weight: 250 lbs

Height: 6' 5"

Reason for entering: Accompanying her client, Cadenza Threnton, to an audition.(Yes! She will fight you!)

When working she is all business. Just like how many of her clients have their own routines to get focused before a scene or show, she has her own for business interactions. She loves her job and takes it very seriously, even if her clients (one inparticular) sometimes frustrate her. In job meetings she's known for not taking no for an answer, and the intensity of her gaze only aids in getting others to agree with her.
Business aside she's a fun girl to be around, enjoying social events ranging from classy upscale events to a casual hang with friends at the bar. Dealing with unpleasent people may cause her business tone shine as she puts them in their place. She's rarely ever mean or agressively, unless it comes to other managers trying to steal her client's auditions.

Special Abilities: None

Stonk legs, Yvette is nothing if not for her legs these aid her in being faster and more agile than most whether in flat out speed of even jumping objects. This also means when she kicks its go one hell of a whallop!

Hard headed, literally. With enough speed built behind her she can do quite a bit of damage with a well placed headbutt. If it connects when aimed for the gut it has the potential to knock the wind out of the unfortunate victim and even land them on their butt. Or if it hits the head then it could have the power to knock them unconscious.

Very strategic, she prefers to see the whole picture and plan ahead. This lends well to both her business proceedings and any sort
of confrontation she may have to deal with. As such, stealth is her game.

Because of her feline genetics she can see well in the dark.

Her hooves make it hard to sneak around.The booties were bought and worn specifically for sneaking around or keeping fer footsteps quiet. They're like cushioned booties that go over her hooves to make her footsteps as soft as possible and much like cleats, knee pads, helmets, they really aren't worn outside of their designed purpose. But because her booties are so cushioned its a little more difficult to move and when running in them she is more likely to fall over. Much like someone trying to run in heels, you can run in them but why! Although if she doesn't have the time to put them on they do her no good.

Aside from her leg muscles, she's very averagely strong. Yvette's species is only as strong as what they do! Much like humans, if they use any part of them long enough then that will get stronger. In Yvette's case its her legs. These are much stronger than your average joe shmoe. But when it comes to lifting much she's about as strong as your average human her size. This means She could maybe lift her own weight, but its very unlikely and if she could it would only be for a short period of time without needing help. She's not known to throw her weight around and even if she were anyone around her size (bigger or smaller) could easily go toe to toe with her if not over power her. 

Loud, sudden noises can trigger her a lot. These can cause anything from sudden and involuntary spasms causing her to jump or start to her body locking up for a short moment of time. 

Loud, sudden noises + someone/thing touching her can cause her to jump some feet in the air, much like a cat, this is again involuntary. And also very embarrassing!

Sudden bright lights and fast things rushing at her can cause her to body to go into a kind of shock that gets you the 'deer in headlights' effect which makes her body seize up on her she can still take in that something is coming at her but she can't do anything about it. Its possible to jar her from this state, but that takes a bit of time and will power. Things like a sudden splash of cold water or even whatever it is coming at her hitting her have are the only things known to do it and do it quickly. 

(Its important to note that time and frequency play a hand in this as well because if a loud noise happens frequently enough in a short time span she will get used to it, but given enough time to essentially forget the noise and her body will react as it did before.)

Much like most creatures she's easily injured by sharp objects 

 Ramming is a blind attack, during this, she puts her head down and rushes forward at her opponent. While the attack if it hits can be pretty 'devastating' and that's only if it lands a side from the initial visual on her target she's flying blind in a pretty much all or nothing attack. If she misses her opponent and hits something like a wall she runs the chance of injuring herself and potentially cracking or breaking her horn(s).

This whiz kid was born with a knack for business. From a young age she's been more business savvy than not only her peers, but even many adults. Unfortunately this meant that in her younger years many children didn't want much to do with her, she was to boring and serious. In middle school in an attempt to get her more invested with her classmates she was assigned as stage director to the school play. There she met her best friend Cadenza. Despite being almost complete opposites the pair bonded and have been nearly inseperable since.
It wasn't until the last couple of years of highschool that Yvette really narrowed her focus down from a very general "business" to being an agent. Through college she honed her business skills and has become a manager, looking to become a liscensed agent. As of now she has only three clients, even if one takes up the majority of her time.  

Likes Finding out other people's secrets, fruit (particularly berries), stuffed animals, people in general and affection, catnip

Dislikes Red meats, specific conversations relating to college, sudden loud noises

Her species, being a blend of both herbavorous and carnivorous species, leans towards being over-all omnivorous. However the slight variation from person to person whether their appearance is more towards the herbavore side or carnivore side of their genetics is reflected in their diets. As such Yvette can easily ingest small animals and white meat, but larger prey tends to make her ill. She mostly eats fish and fowl, and in very small quantities pork. Anything originating from an animal much larger than the average pig makes her sick.

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Everything checks out. Just include the information about her being harmed more easily by sharp objects under weakness and we will send the invite so you and dorkasslameo can start your audition.
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