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Pattern Set 1

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26 seamless vector pattern swatches for Adobe Illustrator CS and higher. Basic geometric shapes. Ideal as overlay. ISO50's work has been a huge inspiration.

Do not redistribute without my permission.
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Thank you for the patterns.

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Thank you for your patterns.

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thank you but I cannot open it ! in which illustrator version is it ? could you help me ? many thanks
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This will be a great help to me -thank you for making and providing this! :)
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thank you.. your awesome:) 
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thank you for sharing!!
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Oh – its empty, isn't it?
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Great Work, thanks a lot!
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Blank file! Is it me?
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Hi there fudge graphics... Awesome patterns!

Can I use some of these (plus your other fudgregraphics2) on an android app i am making?

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can you do overlay in Illustrator? it's not photoshop. I tried making second layer, but i can't seem to find anything that says overlay.. :/ my first time trying it >.< thanks for sharing
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umm the file is empty :?
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lovely patterns but the file is empty :?
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Look forward to doing something with these. Thanks so much!!!
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ISO50 is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
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