Oskar and Eli
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Let the right one in
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I just finished the book. It was... ~shudders~ But between the bullies and perverts and angry teens and sad drunks and BLOOD is an endearing story about a lonely soul finding love and friendship with an even lonelier soul.
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A perfect statement: Love doesn't care.
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By "I'm not a girl" she could mean she's not human in the same way as a man saying "I'm not a man."
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thegentlemanowl|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cute uvu :heart: 
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that really remind me of that creepy vampire movie let me in.
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VirunVIICrest|Hobbyist Digital Artist
"Let Me In" was a remake of this one.
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yeah i know(i found out).

thanks for telling me anyways. :3
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SunnyKusuri|Hobbyist General Artist
nice :)
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OOOH!!! its so cuteee
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darklife14|Professional General Artist
PERFECT X________X
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Love the book and the movie! Finally some real vampires :D
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Oh god, this movie/book...

Its one of those ones you don't even have to watch, you just know about it.
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ThestralWizard|Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my, that's perfect... they are so cute together...
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Adorable..I loved this movie..<3
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Oh God. Somebody else has actually seen this movie.
Did you see the Remake? Nnnnnnot very good at all.
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Manga-Queen-17|Hobbyist General Artist
I saw this movie twice and loved it each time. i found it very refreshing.
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I just love this one :love:
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RoxasNobody13akuroku|Hobbyist General Artist
good job!!!!!! :heart:
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This was a wonderful movie. I'm so glad you put the emotions I felt in this drawing. Very impressive.
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Love the movie and book! I think this is a really good depiction of it :)
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I LOVE THIS MOVIE and the pic is really GOOD!
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oh my god, that´s so perfect! :heart:
(I never read the book and honestly didn´t like the movie but this..Aww..!!^___^)
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