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Sunny | WORKING | Rainmeter Suite v2.1

Skin for Rainmeter 4.0 or greater

Custom Right-Click Menu
Search and change your location
Change time and date format
Change temperature unit

Put your mouse over the top-bar and click the icon to update your weather information immediately

see in action and how to change settings (GIF)

v1.0 initial release (June 5, 2016)
v1.1 fixed some little bugs and the drop shadow to match Google's Material guideline
v1.2 improved custom skin actions (changing to Fahrenheit also changes the unit, ...)
v1.3 some cosmetic changes
v1.4 redesigned update area, new Roboto font, enhanced custom skin actions to change between °C/°F and 24hrs/12hrs
v1.5 improved efficiency
v1.6 changed font to Product Sans
v1.7 changed update area and minor code cleaning
v1.8 changed name to SUNNY (delete obsolete skin folder "Will it be sunny" if you're coming from an earlier version), minor code enhancements
v1.9 minor code enhancements and alignment fixes
v2.0 big changes on how to change location, time format, weather units ...

v2.1 small changes  (November 1, 2016)

Questions? Ask Them! Suggestions? Suggest Them!

the weather data the skin displays is not 100% the same than on This is due to parsing deferments of the required XML file, you can see the update time by hovering over the upper bar
the time will only be correct if your current time zone and the time zone of the weather location are the same
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Any update on how to change the location?

Hello! When I search for my country, it doesn't show up. And when I search for any place, nothing shows up. I would like to ask for your help. Thank you!

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Nice skin, thanks!

This seems like a good thing I would love to have on my desktop but it seems that when I try to search my location nothing shows up at all, Tried to enter my Location Code

(Israel, Tel-Aviv) but still, nothing shows up.

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Unfortunately, killed its XML-feed so weather and location search is not working anymore. There is a workaround - which I implemented in my other weather skins. But not in this one yet! Thanks for notifying me!

Looks like the wxdata provider service for the data is no longer in service as of 1/15/2020. Any alternatives?

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I updated two of my other skins already to (at least) basic functionality. I will update this one as well but I'm in the middle of my exams right now :)

That's great news, Thank you! Good luck on your Exams

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How translate days from english to polish, and weather (Cloudy, Foggy etc.) because i dont see this option. Thanks!
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You can achieve that by using the Rainmeter subsitute option, more information here…

Hello, I can't search ID=CHXX0141.

I am a Chinese user.

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Nihao, orks fine for me

> right-click, change location and type just Xi and Xi'an will appear as the third result

您好,我无法搜索ID = CHXX0141。


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The humidity and how fast the wind is going is not showing for me.
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The only reason for that is that has no humidity and wind data for your location in their XML feed. If you change the location to a big capital city, will it show up?
How do you change the size of the widget?
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I didn't include changing the size of this skin yet.

If you want to change the overall size add a variable called "SIZE" in the variables section. Then multiply every size/location of every meter.

For example:


FontSize= (#SIZE#*12)
X= (#SIZE#*200)
Y= (#SIZE#*45)
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Hi, sorry to be a bother, but since I've set my location the circle in the middle with the icon in it doesn't appear? On hover, the weather channel button doesn't appear, but nothing other than that. Is there a way to fix this? Sorry if I'm being silly! I've tried refreshing it to no avail.
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Did you solve this issue by now? If not: try a location nearby. More information about this issue right here… :)
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how can i translate the weather and the days to portuguese?
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You can add a locale parameter at the end of the weather line in Sunny.ini like "&locale=de_DE" (Germany) for example.

fuckyeahlucas You may add this as a config option?
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It's a long way to convert a whole skin into a different language. Everything can be done with Substitute, more information about it right here:…

Little example to translate the date on the top into portugues :)

Add this under [MeasureDate]:

For the days of the week at the bottom you have to do the same to the corresponding [Measure]. For the weather translations you can use Substitute, too, but I don't have a complete list of all possible weather outputs.

You can have a look at the skincode of my skin called Sunday ( This skin is fully translated into some languages. For portugues you just have to replace the old expressions within the Subtitute lines. :)
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Thanks a lot!
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