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Sundays | WORKING | Rainmeter Suite v1.9.1

Update to the latest Rainmeter beta!

New approach to fetch weather data in 2020, thanks to jsmorley and xenium!

Location, language and units can be changed MANUALLY in the file within the skin's root folder

Custom Right-Click Menu
Change skin size
Change  colors (light/dark)

Put your mouse over the current condition icon to see a weather forecast - soon again!

Time/Date and Weather skin are available separately

V1.0 Initial Release (September 11, 2016)
V1.1 Bug Fixing
V1.2 Little Changes On Design And Right-Click-Menu
V1.3 Added Option To Change Skin Size, Added Translations to French and German and an easy way to translate the whole skin into your language and much more
V1.4 Added icon if no current condition icon is available ( bug), added separated skins for time/date and weather
V1.5 Updated the separated skins (time/date and weather), minor overall fixes
V1.6 Complete revamp of skin and updated the separated skins for Time/Date and Weather
V1.7 Minor changes
V1.8 Bugfix
V1.9.1 Workaround to restore basic skin function, weather forecast will be available soon! (January 21, 2020)

Questions? Ask Them! Suggestions? Suggest Them!

the weather data the skin displays is not 100% the same than on this happens due to parsing deferments of the required XML file
on some screens rainmeter wont return the right resolution so the skin will look too small/too big, in this case leave a comment below and I will give you instructions
© 2016 - 2021 fuckyeahlucas
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Do you expect to make a new update of this skin cause the weather do not work anymore from mounth now.....

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The weather doesn't work

funciona em português???

Nice but weather doesnt work, if I click on weather it crashes rainmeter completely

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Hey Lucas...Fuck yeah!

Awesome skin but how can I change the font color of the day? Thank you!

I've put in my location code in the file and saved everything, but when I reload the skin the weather portion is blank.

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Weather dosnt work

est ce qu'on peux agrandir plus ta taille de l'heure?

I installed the Sunday skin however after specifying my location in the WeatherComVars file it doesnt display the weather. I see that you say "Time/Date and Weather skin are available separately", is this something I also need to add to get the weather?

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Hey dude, awesome skin thank you !

But weather isn't working at all, any solution please ?


Weather doesn't work even if I changed the code please help :(


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Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] The weather still not working for me, but still i using it and is one of my favorites tyvm!

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Hi there, for some reason the weather for the last 2 weeks is broken for me. Any clue why isn't it working?

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Hey buddy. Nice skin. Just checking is the weather working? I can't see my weather even after entering my location ID

How to change 24-hour clock format to 12-hour clock, P.S hats off to your Design

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Thank you :) Clock format change over the righ click menu and choose American

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Where to download?

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Download button here on deviantART

hovering over the weather icon doesn't work

fuckyeahlucas's avatar changed some stuff, wil have a look into it...

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