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Spotify Control | WORKING | Rainmeter Skin v4.3

Spotify removed the important local API some time ago. This is why all skins broke.
For now we are using a different approach which - unfortunately - needs some tweaking. I hate dependencies but this is the way to go.
It gets harder and harder to keep this skin alive. But it is alive. It is 4 years old by now and still working flawlessly.

The following steps are MANDATORY for a working skin, unfortunately. Read all the instructions first, please!

0. Delete any old version of the old "Spicetify Rainmeter Skin" if you used this skin before.
1. Follow these instruction carefully (5 commands one after an other into PowerShell + Comprehensive Guide available):
1.1 If an error occurs at the beginning you need to enable Internet Explorer 11 within the Windows settings and start it once for a properly working PowerShell.
1.2 If an error occurs saying something about a backup, just delete "backup" from the last line "spicetify backup apply" --> "spicetify apply" and press ENTER again
1.3 If an error occurs at the end simply reinstall Spotify as suggested by the script.
2. Install Spotify Control Rainmeter skin.
3. Play a song in Spotify and benefit.
4. After every Spotify client update you need to re-do step #1 (entering all 5 PowerShell commands again)

Custom Right-Click-Menu for resizing (Fully scalable due to vector graphics)
Playback commands for free and premium users with on- and offline Spotify
Completely hidden when Spotify is closed

v1.0 Initial release (March 1, 2016)
v4.0 Redesign from scratch, new plugins for Spotify data fetching and color recognition, everything is new and relies on Spicetify by khanhas
v4.1 Bugfix
v4.2 Button related enhancements
v4.3 Updated color recognition plugin to the latest version, minor changes (January 12, 2020)

In case you find any bug or notice some weird behaviour I would be thankful if you could report it below.

Instructions backup:

Questions? Ask Them! Suggestions? Suggest Them!

Big thanks to khanhas: His plugin is open source @ GitHub…
© 2016 - 2021 fuckyeahlucas
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I did the powershell stuff without any errors. But when i double click on skin it doesn't show up. How to solve?

Widget is working again as of Spotify v1.1.68.628.geb44bd66, Spicetify v2.6.4

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I can confirm this, running flawlessly even on my modded spotify

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Nice, now there are things on my pc that I don't need because this skin doesn't even show up. Thank you very much

Widget is working again as of Spotify v1.1.68.628.geb44bd66, Spicetify v2.6.4

Thanks for the heads up

Looks like this skin stopped working, did spicetify break?

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OK. why this skin is not showing up my desktop? I have it load it to my desktop...

Updated to rainmeter 4.5, error spam in the log when loading your ini:

MaskImageName: Unable to open: C:\Users\XXXXXXX\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\SpotifyControl\@Resources\\Images\Mask1.png (SpotifyControl\SpotifyControl.ini)

That file just isn't there any more

Awesome widget, loving it so far!

I do have one question/suggestion: is there anyway to not have the color change with every song, rather keeping it with one style?

thank you so much for this! one of my favourites!!! <3

>Applying additional modifications:

error Cannot find symbol for Custom app React symbols

As others have said, Spotify app opens a blank display upon running spicetify backup apply; it can be restored with spicetify restore backup, but spotify control will not run. Adding this comment to log the error message, which I have never seen in the past.

Thank you for your continued support on this plugin!

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Ok so it seems that when I apply the skin it causes Spotify to have a blank display. I have been using this skin for quite some time and it worked flawlessly until the latest client update. It worked countless updates before this and I even copy pasted the powershell commands into a single txt file so it does everything in one click. I will update if I get it to work.

Having the same problem. Help me out if you find a solution

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Ok it turns out the new Spotify client does not support plugins. So RIP this and the whole of spicetify in general.

Working for me as of August 26. I'm using the non-windows store Spotify, version

Followed the steps here to install Spicetify, then just downloaded the widget from here and it worked right out of the box.

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Let me update and try again. Everything that ran off the spicetify plugins stopped working when spotify updated on May 24th if Im not mistaken. Thanks for letting me know that it works again. Much appreciated.

(EDIT) Ok so this rainmeter skin works again, but spicetify skins aren't doing anything. I also noticed that spicetify has been patched. I'm eating rn so ill try to fix the skin(for spotify itself) in a bit. But all in all, I'm glad its working again, mostly, for now.

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Spicetify skins work too, not perfectly.

Hello when I press load skin I can't see anything

Same thing happened to me too. Have you found a fix yet?


Is there anyway to disable the bottom bit being hidden on pause?

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