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Cloudy | WORKING | Rainmeter Skin v2.0.1

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Update to the latest Rainmeter version or beta!

New approach to fetch weather data in 2020, thanks to jsmorley and xenium!

Location, language and units can be changed in the file inside the @ Resources folder within the skin folder

Change Background Image
Fully resizable

More previews

v1.0 initial release (February 14, 2016)
v1.1 added degree symbol, added variables for fonts
v1.2  improved interaction of custom image and card background
v1.3 AudioVisualizer added, closable in rainmeter settings
v1.4 added new background, much smoother shadows
v1.5 Redesigned whole skin, improved weather data query, improved update intervals, all-new right-click menu to change units and time format
v1.6 little improvements, changed font to Product Sans
v1.7 ...

v1.8 updated everything, now fully resizable
v2.0.1 implemented new approach to fetch weather data because wxdata got deprecated (January 21, 2020)

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The weather still not working :( 2021

how to resize that wallpaper window(480*690 for right side of the screen) and remove this clock because i already have clock and date on my screen please help me out guys anyone

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for anyone asking about weather open settings and replace with this

Eh, doesn't work. The URL by itself works, but the skin still doesn't work.

I don't think it is that easy, pretty sure Yahoo weather requires a paid API key for it to work.

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Where? I changed the string in URL1 and URL2 to the yahoo url, and the location code to the string when i input my city in Yahoo Weather, but nothing happens...

This thing does not work correctly, weather does not show up

I downloaded this after a long time,But it's a sad that this weather doesn't work because that had change

The weather still not working :(

i've some problem its not showing my town name its showing random strings

Annotation 2020-06-24 003607

weather still not working

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the weather not working anymore

how do i change location now?

A nice minimalist skin. But the weather is not working.

My weather shows Celcius instead of Farhenheit even though I set the LangLoc=en-GB and UnitsTemp=F. And yes this is in the

the weather doesn't work

does the weather work at this point? cant get it working.

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Shit, changed its code. Will have a look into it

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Yahoo still works! I suggest using that instead.

i just discovered this skin and it looks amazing!

however i had an issues with my weather, i tried everything you said but the weather didn't show up..

fuckyeahlucas's avatar changed some code, will have a look into it...

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not working anymore

fuckyeahlucas's avatar

Yes, changed some stuff. Will have a look into it...

Hi, I'd like to change the size of the temperature box to half, making the whole widget a nice square. Could you give me some directions? I managed to halve the bg, but not the way I wanted...

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Nice square can be achieved by playing around with all the X and Y dimensions, cant get more directions :D

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