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lmao I don't even remember you making those
x-AL3XStudent General Artist
i randomly found them when going through stash rip
Image by fuckbois  
whenever i think i have a reason to live 
i remember i look like Jacob Saggytitties
ReeidenHobbyist Digital ArtistFeatured
guess who has been thinking a lot about you lately + talking to their new friends like if u were the meme queen
it me
i love you so much and i miss you
this year has been fuckin shit 
im SURE 2017 is gonna be a fucking disaster

this country has fallen apart over a fucking GORILLA death and Trump is a racist orange and for some reason ???? we're having a problem with clowns ???? Fuckin TWO storms are makin the coasts their bitch rn
i am a high schooler ??? like as if growing up is somehow okay ???? like what the fuck?
and my first time, ALL we did was make constant memes. i thought it was gonna be more passionate and shit but Nah we just said "M'lady" over and over and Stopped??? in the middle of ???it to talk about Marina Joyce and that's why doing it at 15 is a mistake
but nah realistically it was the perfect way for my first time to go, i mean what's the point if you don't laugh and enjoy yourself? there's really no other way i would've had it
shit I'm so sorry I like vanished and I can see you've pretty much done the same. What's the point of being happy if you're on deviantart amiright

i really miss you too dude
like a lot 
i've shown my girlfriend your art bc I'm getting them DEEP into the furry fandom and you're the best furry I know (;

and i even chose to do venezuela for my Latin America project bc whoa that's where you live 
(fucking HATED writing about it tho Boi are you guys okay ?????)