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The Original sketch is by Paolo Parentente
Colors by me :)

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Oh my god, that is brillant!
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you fulfill my fantasy...
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Oh God , 410+ favs and only 25 comments ?
OMG dA has gone crazy ...
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Sweet Jesus, is there anything you CAN'T draw? Unbelievable quality, form, and execution to the very finish. Even the background is perfect. :jawdrop:
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I don't know what to say, this pic brings a tear of awe to my eye. :wow:
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absolutely incredible work :D
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Very beautiful! :clap:
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great work as always!!
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How can she walks whit those? XD

Excellent work.
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very nice :) i love seeing a powerful woman! :)
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I miss work from Pablo...can one see his work anywhere nowadays?

Great colours and as per usual you are bringing life to the image very well!
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as for Paolo, try on his site...
and anyway i'm coloring other 2 of his works.. and will soon upload them here :)
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Looking forward to it :) I'm a longtime fan of Paolo's work...since back in the days when he did work for "Mutant Chronicles"... Thanks for the link to his website and I would also love to see more from you in general :)
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beautiful work as always ... good subtle tones with a balance of light
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awesome work! :thumbsup:
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Beautiful! I love the details of her clothing and armour, the textures are wonderful and her face is just stunning!
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You still hold the crown of the Queen of Textures!!
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Super work. Very well done.
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She's massively sexy! Great job! So METAL! :D
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