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Drawing by pencil coloring by Photoshop and Wacom

This is a commission work for
Elizabeth :iconleoniesaintevire:

though on her page you'll find a slightly different version of this same character... ( an older and somewhat bulkier one )

Jeb just laughed, ranging his long form back on his elbows in the sand. Pretending a preoccupation with her new gun, Dagny observed him in quiet admiration, his black hair waving so slightly, those piercing amber eyes set in chiseled features bronzed by weather and sun. Such a reckless smile that laughed at the world! Broad of shoulder, he was lithely muscular. There was a pure animalistic energy about him. He reminded her of a panther lazing in the sun, but nonetheless dangerous and predatory. She shivered at the thought, and knew it was not from fear. She could feel the sudden rush of blood to her cheeks, and quickly tried to bring her thoughts back to safer ground.

the character name is Jeb and is the sole property of his right owner... so if you want to know something more about him pay her a little visit :D

of course any comment would be welcome :D

enjoy :)
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LOVE your art!!!! I love that you draw men!!! It seems mostly women's bodies drawn in fantasy art and I want to see the guys!!! Thank you! <3