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After babysitting I spent the rest of yesterday up till 2 am finishing up the main story of Berseria and even I have to admit this was actually one of the most amazingly told stories in the tales of franchise in a good long while. for a long while Xillia stood on the top for me since before that was symphonia but now Berseria actually found a formula in terms of plot of and characters that went shall we say a new step and it paid off. for the record this image is from the official art book some were lucky to get with their copies of the game apparently but it's a good representation of what Velvet and Laphicet's relationship became in the end. I'm noticing more and more that the newest trend in anime and games is that whole 2 sides to everything concept where those who are labeled as "Evil" ironically become the heroes the people need but not the one they want. if you haven't tried Berseria I can safely recommend it for you to go ahead and play. even if you dislike the gameplay for whatever reason most people complain about who have nothing better to do you should at least play and check out the story.

now my only little gripe about this overall is why wasn't this released first before Zestiria. honestly I feel if they had done this the other way around since the 2 games are needed to fully grasp the entirety of their stories and the 2 meanings they hold in terms of being good and evil then perhaps Zestiria would have had a bit more in sales since even if to me it's story is a little more bland and predictable it's combat gameplay and visuals were better done than Berseria. I get why prequels are appealing to most people since it gives us more world building a better understanding of certain events mentioned but never explored but in the case of Berseria and Zestiria I don't really think that was a necessary route for the creators of this project to go since even with Berseria you don't get all the questions Zestiria left answered like how and when Eizen end up as a dragon or did he always know that was gonna be his eventual outcome in his life. also they were never really clear on Rokurou's story or at least not explored in it's entirety since it sounded a bit more complex than what they were leaving us with.

still though who would have that Phi was the dragon you see at the end of Zestiria. it was sad and beautiful to see how Velvet was sacrificing herself and wanted Phi to live his life and fix the world she knows she messed up. when you watch the story it's to see what she meant on that Phi saved her from pretty much herself. I do have to ask should people like Velvet and Sorey feel they have to sacrifice themselves for the world when there other answers? but then again no wait in the case of Xillia I think that's where the whole hero sacrifice for the world probably based itself on for this project since unlike previous titles romance between 2 characters was not the goal this time but that sure as hell doesn't stop the fanbase from trying. example do you know how many fanarts of Velvet and Rokurou or Velvet and Magilou I found in just one hour in total? over 110 so far lol

so anyway let me ask this what did everyone think of the Berseria and Zestiria project overall? was it satisfying? did you enjoy both or one over the other? did you feel like all the loose ends were tied up?

now that I know how these 2 connect I can say it's somewhat satisfying to know but I think Berseria had the better story to tell in the grand scheme of things, and no I think there's a few loose ends left over in this project especially in the case of Zestiria.
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