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okay I feel like this needs to be discussed mostly cause a majority not saying everyone but a good majority seem to assume this movie is a continuation of sorts to the 12 episode anime to where even if they watched the trailers they can't seem to follow the signs this movie is an actual prequel with major spoilers if you have not read the light novel at all. so yeah the movie is more of a prequel back story thing than a continuation where unless you been reading the light novels in their entirety you're not really gonna understand most of what's happening or follow any of the references that come from the light novels. at best if you watch this movie without ever reading the light novels you will mostly get a spoiler as to why the weaponized girl looks like shiro. why they decided on a prequel when they didn't even do a season 2 to cover a bit more on No Game No Life is a bit weird to me since series doing prequel movies to their series should only do that when their series has been on for a good long while and require a bit more background examples being like one piece can do a movie about Gold Roger's(Gol D. Roger) life up till he died or even a Naruto prequel movie giving Minato and Kushina fans a little more depth into their lives before they died. just something as a personal preference on my end but you get the idea. in the case of No Game No Life while Japanese fans are likely more aware of what's what from the light novels where as Western fans barely have roughly 3 volumes released for the light novel so we ain't even close to know what's what unless you know where to find blogs to spoil you a bit but even then you'd barely get the gist of it and not really see or know what specific easter eggs to look for outside the obvious ones.

had to get this off my chest cause every random comment especially comments for the no game no life trailer had people assuming this was a continuation or something so I needed to put this out there. what do you guys think of no game no life movie? excited or did you want them to do something else before the heavy background story that mainly light novel readers will be able to follow?
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Ingredients job. Your walking the line between being all over the place with the colors, but it works perfectly.