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Hotspring 3

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at this point Prinny finds a friend in one of your newest party members who shares his passion for women lol all the women enjoying their time and the topic was breast sizes here where they mention each have the size of a fruit lol

Prinny and his new comrade comment in how breasts sizes of all fruit sizes are great in their own right. melons, oranges, grapes are all great lol then prinny said "I think I saw a movie called melons and oranges once dood. and it definitely wasn't about fruit dood." lol


Prinny: A real ladies' man can appreciate every shape, size, and color dood.
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All sizes, all delicious!

Lazarus looks kinda like a rooster with that hairdo of his..heh also his behavior... and he best hope he lives up to his name and comes back from the dead after Etna is done with him!

Etna keeps popping up wearing the cutest things. The skull kimono definitely suits  her.