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Haru x Elie
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hey before I put the Fairy Tail x Rave cross over behind me let's ask a question that relates to dubbing. if you're one of those biased dub haters and are sub only then please take your gripes elsewhere as this topic is not for you.

now going into dubs I liked how back in the day some like Rave Master make the attempt to make English openings and end themes. granted their hit and miss but at least it sells for the US since let's face facts. unless you are hard core enough for it not many would go to the trouble of knowing the actual Japanese opening and ending themes till someone tells them. that's a hard fact that's 70 percents more likely than you looking into it on your own. now when a proper dub and I do mean proper not that whole dub and edit cause you think it's inappropes for kids when other coutnries have no problems of showing unedited dubs over edited dumbed down dubs. for gods sake Canada and Mexico don't have an issue to where Mexico even dubbed the songs used in digimon season 1 like Butterfly and Braveheart.

Rave Master Ravelution

The power of Destiny - Rave Master

Funimation still does it from time to time not always. if you wish they do more I mean official wise not the fan dubs you'll find on youtube. they did it for one piece for a few seasons but not so much now which is too bad but if we had the funds to do it and even get new, on the street, or even pro and celebrity singers to do official dubs of anime songs I think we'd be good. guys if you gonna use that whole capitalist conspiracy stuff on here all I am gonna say is I don't really care about that since the sad fact is money does make the world go round where you're only other option for living if are into that conspiracy level stuff is to be a hippie. can't expect people to do a job at their best level for free since we all got lives to live and need financial support.

on that note do we know if Haru and Elie's English VA's would be available to reprise their roles here if they ever dub the fairy tail x Rave Master OVA?(which I doubt they will at this point since that's funimation's loss on money making) oh and don't forget in 2 weeks Fairy Tail OVA 9 comes out where they do the Christmas special lol oh I also hope they do an OVA of the stone age special of Fairy Tail cause I wanna laugh when this moment happens

the sausage awakens  by Fu-reiji

Its mammoth size by Fu-reiji

to be fair that moment gives Natsu x Erza shippers a moment to brag.
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KiritoSenpai120|Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, they look alike!
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yeah i remember when they did the English version of Hikari E for One Piece :) i loved it and when i first Hard it it was a since of relief since there was no more crappy rap version of the 4kidz version 
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I'm really impressed when someone not only dubs an anime, but it's based around music, they do their best to dub the songs, and HOLY CRAP, Funimation did that with Show By Rock (available now on Blu-Ray and DVD) and I want them to dub all 3 seasons of Senki Zesshou Symphogear, it has kickass music, with a dark plot, and action scenes on par with Dragon Ball Z, Gurren Lagann and ONE PUNCH MAN, first episode of Season 3 alone has its main heroine SUPLEX A SPACESHIP
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