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Escape this steampunk city by ftourini Voodoo princess by ftourini
Witch by ftourini Mermaid of the lake by ftourini
Sharp beauty by ftourini Sudden rain by ftourini
queen of hearts by ftourini Mermaid jellyfish by ftourini
Venus by ftourini Secret message by ftourini

happy belated dA birthday! :XD:

Hii!:w00t: Plese check those two new contests! They are for a good cause! ;)


2)Project Stacee ->… :nod: Project Stacee - NOT Stock by FantasyStock    :poke: Project Stacee Stamp by FantasyStock

my upcoming collaborations are with:


my new eye manip:
pisces eye by ftourini :blowkiss:

Yes i am back for good from Skiathos, after visiting Kavala for a few days too.

I only wish we had better beaches near Athens

I went for a coffee with riamali and damianos007 this evening.
Feeling pretty happy that some people i first met on the internet are now my friends in real life. This is for those who say that internet has only evil people and nerds out there >.<

So i am now dedicated to my art again. Finishing more of my digital drawings and plotting a collab with dub72 :evillaugh: :worship:

New textures uploaded at my stock account with Isis-Photography
some eyes and models coming soon too ;)

FTouriri & ISIS-> ftIsis-Stock!!

:iconftourini-stock: :iconftourini-stock: :iconftourini-stock: :iconftourini-stock: :iconftourini-stock:
Come by and give us some love or a watch :XD: :blowkiss:

I was tagged by :iconpendulumphotography:

Rules of the game:

:bulletgreen: Choose a singer/band/group that you like
:bulletgreen: Answer using ONLY titles of songs by that singer/band/group
:bulletgreen: Tag 6 more people (and let them know they've been tagged)

I choose the evil greek kafro metal band Anorimoi Muahahah :evillaugh: their site:
Sorry the tittles are in greeklish and the translation is censored :rofl: :censored:

1. Are you male or female?
"anorimoi -  eleos" :lol: :jarklarge:

2. Describe yourself.
"Anorimoi-Kariola":rofl: :strip:

3. What do people feel when they're around you?
"anorimoi - the vlah arrows of death" :confused:

4. How would you describe your previous relationship?
"anorimoi  - satanikos erwtas" :frustrated:

5. Describe your current relationship.
"anorimoi - o barbaros" :alien:  :abduction:

6. Where would you want to be now?
"Anorimoi - Diakopes Ston Valto" :rofl: :relax:

7. How do you feel about love?
"anorimoi - o erotas pernaei apo to stomaxi" :horny:

8. What's your life like?
"anorimoi - ponemeni istoria" :blownose:

9. What would you ask for if you had only one wish?
"anorimoi - SOS apo WC" :fart:

10. Say something wise.
"anorimoi - i agamia skotwnei" :date: :chainsaw:

I tag: :iconglykeria: :iconriamali: :iconisis-photography::iconada78: :iconmaril1: :iconivy00:

if anyone wants a specific translation id be glad to give an approximate meaning :lol:
although the greatness and quality of these songs is priceless and cannot be described in words :lmao:

:threaten: :sneeze: :runnynose: :evileye: :wow: :burp::abduction: :shakefist: :greetings: :nod: :love: :dead: :alientwo: :doh: :chew: :w00t:

Less than One by Mollinda Asian illusion by Kyuthi
Stick Together by etheraiel :thumb93982262:
:thumb35063356: :thumb81194814:
Unusual Beauty by phykia :thumb93452280:  
Passion II by Kyuthi Centered by glykeria
Three or Four by phykia Blood Rose Trilogy by TSVN
:thumb91340147: Faith by Lilyas
Come with me to neverland... by riamali ..needin a miracle.. by FlyPi
FooL by Atsil :thumb75398088:
jump, juke and jive by FixMeKnow First Picture by PendulumPhotography
:thumb71962606: Red Presence by mariaper
Purple Wonder by TruemarkPhotography
Cairns Birdwing by GreenEyedHarpy red rose by deninho
Special Summerhat by unusualPhoto sphere by lostknightkg
Brimstone by cycoze ... Stay With Me ... by Eleanorah
:light: by cookiemonstah lily by nakedlady
busy butterfly by nakedlady Back Garden Rose by Callu
:thumb52245962: Yellow Crown by Katarynaa

Submissions admin of :iconhellas:

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :bulletblue:

Some avatars i have made for my deviant friends:

:icontzwrtzia: :iconsylvierider: :iconmadilar: :iconaj43837: :iconada78: :iconsupernova-thai: :iconfairy556: :iconsa-cool: :iconastrolavos:

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :bulletblue:

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deninho's avatar
Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ για το feature :)
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cycoze's avatar
Thanks very much for including my Brimstone in you're lovely feature Irene :)
ftourini's avatar
My pleasure cycoze!!! :love:
mattwisnerart's avatar
thank you so much for the feature ity is much appreciated and im glad you liked it (:
ftourini's avatar
mattwisnerart's avatar
wow!, {browses through gallery} you are such a talented artist!
Liek's avatar
Thank you :glomp:
ftourini's avatar
:heart: my pleasure!! :w00t:
mariaper's avatar
omorfo journal...:D endiaferontes oi anorimoi.....kai eytxaristw gia to feature...
ftourini's avatar
LOL parakalw! :w00t: :D
Hungrysparrow's avatar
Heh I actually have the pleasure of working with two fellow deviants.
ftourini's avatar
collabs rule!! :headbang: :nod:
Eleanorah's avatar
Thanks a lot for featuring my work :hug: :heart:
ftourini's avatar
My pleasure!!! :wave: :D
glykeria's avatar
Fxaristw gia to feature kopelia! ;)
ftourini's avatar
Parakalw llama!!! :D
phykia's avatar
What a great selection. I have found even more :+fav:'s. I am honored for you to include me among these artists... Thank you so much! :heart:
ftourini's avatar
My pleasure!! :love: :heart:
s-da's avatar
thank you so much Irene for adding my photo to those beautiful features! :D
I'm honoured :aww:
ftourini's avatar
My pleasure sweetie!! :heart: :glomp:
Atsil's avatar
oh my god Irene... i don't know how to thank you more hehe.... :hug:
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