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eye dream of freedom

By ftourini
... and open skies :sun:

my facebook page:… :boing: and here you can see a W.I.P. shot of this image… :)

original eye photo is taken by me
the stocks used are all photos of mine and the minor use of brushes belong to the default brush set :)

if you like it then you might aso like these ;)
Capricorn eye by ftourini Cancer eye by ftourini Eye of the fallen by ftourini Mother earth eye by ftourini
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© 2013 - 2021 ftourini
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
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This is a full five star work indeed!
The choice of colours is creative but I dont have a connection to freedom with the yellow and blue (unless it is your native flag - in that case I don't know the colors)

I am curious as to how you coloured the eyelashes white. I have tried but the black simply becomes lighter.

I love the tree reflection and the dynamics around the iris.
The birds (assuming they are tiny doves), ,,,,,,,are subtle but add a nice white touch to the gloden upper part of the composition.

OVERALL: one of the best works Ive seen!
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Thank you for taking time to write this critique! Best rating i have even received :faint:

First of all its a really warm gold not a yellow ;)
For me freedom is to get closer to nature and more in touch with or instincts and natural selves.
The contrast between the colors of the skin could depict many things amongst them:

:bulletblue: changing from hot tempered to a calm state
:bulletblue: beach and seashore at night (the deepness of the night ocean i always part of my best dreams)
:bulletblue: sunrise after a really dark but starry night (stars symbolize hope)
:bulletblue: leaving a blue and depressed period of one's life and entering a golden era
(it all depends on how you want to see the glass of water half full or half empty)

the lashes have been painted with white tempera one by one (don't try this at home kids it is not that healthy!!!)
but for the sake of art we skipped this warning :P
Then the remaining black parts of the lashes are digitally whitened by painting over and smudging them...
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Ur welcome! i hate it that only the popular deviants are given attension, i just randomly browse and click on deviations and critique them so ur welcome!!!!

OH ok. I never saw ANYTHING that deeply! but its true nonetheless.
I thought that the eyelashes were painted white on photoshop xD. i really love ALL manips with white eyelashes. is this stock available fore free use?
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:hug: here you can use these stocks [link] from my stock account; :iconftisis-stock:
some have white eyelashes too!:nod:
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ZOMG thanks. do you have any tips for photographing lips. i want to make lip stock. thanks!!!!!!!!!
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nothing except use models without a mustache :lol: and tell them to brush their teeth before the photoshoot. :#1:
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lolgle. i meant for the lighting and camera
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Photography Tips:
lightning: avoid flash and direct sunlight, use indirect sunlight from a window for indoor photoshoot or semi cloudy sky for outdoors. Never take pictures against the sun unless you have a reflector and never take pictures after the sun starts to set.:D
camera: avoid cell phone cameras, use a compact digital camera in macro mode(the little flower button) or use a DSLR camera with a macro lens to create the sharp focus on the elements of the face that you want to accentuate and to blur all the rest..:)

Good luck!
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Pretty colours, nice work :)
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I love all of these so much!!!! Can  i draw your eye photos please???? I'll give you credit!
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Terrific! Great color and added elements! 
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That is amazing, like beyond words.
Is this like make up plus digital editing?
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I love this piece. And though I know that it may have been difficult to put the birds in on the right side, I think the image is more powerful without them. Another thing I may have removed is the brown in the pupil area. Other than that, it's fantastic!
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this is breath taking
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This is phenomenal! You are super crazy talented.
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Very beautiful work! :D
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para polu omorfh!!!! bravo :D:D:D:D
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it just wow :o very good :D
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Lovely work...:heart:
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Cool .. I like it :heart:
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