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eye candy

my facebook page: [link]

28/09/08: This piece has more than 90 wishes so i thought i should update the print
(noise reduced, erased some iris imperfections and fixed some other stuff like brighter eyelashes and softer colors)

Also i removed the annoying black border and replaced it with a white ;) like many of you have requested :nod:

I give you an eye candy! Can you smell the scent of vanilla? :drool:


Here's a quick tutorial showing what pics did i use and the process of the eye candy! :giggle: [link] :giggle:

Model: :iconglykeria: don't you just wanna eat her? :icongwomp:
Makeup/photo/photoshop postwork: :iconftourini:

if you want eye stock and other stuff visit my stock account: :iconftisis-stock: :poke:

see my other eyes: [link])
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I love the pastels they look very pretty next to the human eye! Didn't know how else to put it *o-o
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Special offer only in Deviantart! I made ties with your designs! Only US$15 per tie, plus shipping cost.

Contact me, send me your artworks and I´ll made the ties! Put your artworks in a quality tie!

I take paypal payments, I send to all over the world by registered mail, with tracking number!

Any question please, let me know! 

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I remember seeing your eye make-up art way back in the day. I loved it so much and I'm so glad I found it again! :D :heart: 
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This is so cute >3<
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Wow! Amazing work! I was always intrigued by the Human Eye. That’s why I launched an online contest, I want to see how people use digital art to depict the human eye. Please check us out and participate. I’d love to have a good turnout so I could continue providing such contests. Here is a link: [link]
Or, you can just GOOGLE “Talentcall connecting talent with opportunities” OR find us on facebook, our name is Talentcalling ☺
Again great work! Hate to spam you like this, but really liked your work and would love to see it as an entry.
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Very interesting, thanks for letting me know :D
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Thank you!!!

If you do visit and participate, please let me know your thoughts... the general experience, what you liked/hated, etc. We are getting ready to do a redesign and add some features, so we'd love to get your thoughts! Thanks again!
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talk about eye candy
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This is so pretty! It's like from a fairy tale or something...
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You have been featured here!
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Talk about eye candy!
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So pretty! I love the colors!
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ı lovee theee rainboooooooooowwwwwwwwww cannnnnnnndyyyyyyyyy :la:
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Congratulations on being awesome. :iconclapplz:
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EYE CANDY~ the use of pastels is great on this. cupcake colors :)
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i need some eye candy lol pun
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this is so amazing! the sprinkles on the upper lid creep my out how they look like they're part of her skin!o.o SO cool :)
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this is wonderful *^* love it~
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