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angel of light

Add me on facebook:<3 <3

closeup of her face: angel of light closeup by ftourini

I really wanted to make something that would make people smile. Hope you like it!:blowkiss:

People on might recognise this :giggle:

A big thanks to Shockbolt mlappas for all their helpful tips :worship:

see the rest of my drawings!!… :nod:
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Hey, I'm listening to this right now in Youtube: while browsing here in Deviantart, I Believe in the existence of Angels anyways, and I Believe this could be an Angel connection since I am coincidentally seeing this Angel art of your while listening to the Angel music.

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She is gorgeous! Beautiful job. 
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Well done, Irene. She is lovely.
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First thought: You're back!
Second thought: Wow this is really beautiful. Heavenly and welcoming, with very nice blues and a pretty face.
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Πολύ ωραία w00t! 
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very nice Love Clap 
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Can I just say THANK YOU for making an angel looking pure innocent and beautiful
I am so sick and tired of people drawing the Lords angels so fricken sexualized its right down insulting and disgusting!

This is an absolutely breath of fresh air to see an angel what their actually are beautiful, pure, full of light, caring being
you have captured the angel of the lord perfectly so thank you! its such a beautiful piece <3 its a wonderful pleasure to be one of your watchers <3
I hope to see more things like this in my messages <3

You captured her perfectly and beautifully I have no word to describe how much this makes me smile
its truly a breath taking peice <3
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You are welcome!!!
 APH-Britannia Angel-Free icon 
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This is a beautiful picture! Well done!
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This is very beautiful! :)
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That's absolutely beautiful! ^_^
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Beautifuly done!
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She´s so beautiful!
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This is amazing! I have a group page on Facebook, and would like to know if I could use this for that? With all due credit to you of course!
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sure!no prob :D
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Gorgeous!!!! I'm a total angel/fairy fanatic and I absolutely luv ur pic^^ :iconlaplz:
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