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Sagittarius eye

By ftourini
my facebook page: [link]

Saggitarius eye is the eighth sign of my zodiac eye series, see all of them here: [link] :flirty:

Photo/ makeup/photomanip: =ftourini
model: me :lol:

This is no stock!!!! :spank:

for cool stock eyes and my eye tutorials look at my resources folder here: [link]
and at my stock account : :iconftisis-stock:

Saggitarius sign or so called "archers" have Fire as their element.
It can be likened to the stars, a thousand lighted candles, the sparks rising from a rapidly spreading grass fire, or the reflectors making the route along the center of a major road.
Fire changes substances and Sagittarians have a knack of transforming negative situations with their optimism.

Colors are: blue-purple, and i also used the vivid golden and red to resemble the fire bursting out of their strong personality!!:D

i hope you like the little arrows in the eyelashes :giggle: :flirty:

i am now looking for suggestions on the next eyes of the zodiac series: taurus and capricorn

Please tell me your suggestions on colors and ornaments they are very important to me!! :poke:
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© 2008 - 2021 ftourini
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charlesammich's avatar
The best one, no doubt -3-
Melissatulloch's avatar
Absolutely breathtaking! 😍
Sparks-Frost's avatar
Wow this is crazy we literally have like EXACTLY the same eye!… When I first saw this picture on pinterest I had to do a double take because I thought it was my eye from this picture several years ago. That's so cool. 
artmystique's avatar
I love this sooooo much! Do you have an instagram?
XxBambigirl22xX's avatar
Gorgeous! I am a Sagitarius. ;)
glaze-angelbunny's avatar
YEAH! sagittarius rule!
crooked-clockwork's avatar
You've been featured in my Art of the Week poll!
TashyRae's avatar
Would I be able to possibly use this for a book cover?
Echostar7's avatar
Sagittarius My Horiscope.
Sinndragosa's avatar
This is did you do this?
kn5dra's avatar
Sagittarius :hooray: Love it!
CobaltDeirdre's avatar
How do you create such a thing? I love them ;] I would like to learn ... :|
LadawnTheLiar's avatar
I love the color purple, it's my favorite. And I'm a sagittarius so this is like double awesome!
SparklingSary's avatar
You have been featured in my journal here [link] :aww:
pepperh2o's avatar
Woah... arrows.
sup3rn0vagurl's avatar
These are some of my favorite colors to wear AND I'm also a Sagittarius <3!! Very well done, I love it!
SasXx's avatar
Wow amazing :la:
LoyalCellHeart's avatar
I saw this a few months ago and of course I have to gaze upon it once again. I honestly didn't notice the arrows on the eyelashes before! I love it even more now :D
thetumbler's avatar
wow good job keep it up
BlackWings101's avatar
i just found out i'm a saggitarius... plus purple is my fave color...
Midnite-Hour's avatar
i am saggitarius :squee: SOOOOOO PRETTY
KelsyOuranFan's avatar
That's your eye? Beautiful! ^^
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